CSL Guidelines

To install our citation style to your reference manager follow the next instructions:

1. Download and save on your PC a .csl file of Modern Phytomorphology citation style.

2a. If you are using Mendeley Desktop 1.7 or above:

  • In Mendeley Desktop, go to the View -> Citation Style -> More Styles… -> Get More Styles.
  • Drag and drop the saved style into the style list.

2b. If you are using Zotero Firefox Plugin:

  • Drag the saved file into any open Firefox window.

2c. If you are using Zotero Standalone:

  • In Zotero Standalone go to Preferences -> Cite -> Styles, and click the ‘+’ button and locate the style file on your computer.

2d. If you are using Papers:

  • Go into the Papers Settings -> Citations.
  • Click on the Style Manager tab.
  • This will open the Style Browser.
  • Drag and drop the file into the Papers library list view.

2e. If you are using Docear4Word:

  • Save this citation style in your Docear4Word style folder. The style folder is usually located at c:\ProgramData\Docear4Word\Styles\
  • If the folder c:\ProgramData\ is not visible, you need to activate Window’s option to show invisible files. To do so, open the Windows Explorer, press ALT, select Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Hidden files and folders and activate “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”.