Presentation of Contributions

Three types of contributions will be presented during the Seminar:

Keynote presentation (25 min. presentation, 10 min. discussion)

Oral presentation (10 min. presentation, 5 min. discussion)

Poster presentation (5 min. presentation, 5 min. discussion)

Please confirm your participation and form of contribution by 10 April 2016.

For keynote and oral presentations please contact the Secretariat to hand your presentation files in advances during the registration or just before the meeting start.

In order to prepare your poster for the Conference, please follow the next requirements: maximum allowed size of poster: A0 – portrait (max. height 118.9 сm, max. width 84.1 сm). We advise you to use a minimum amount of text at your poster and to use colour figures to present the results. Also, we advise you to set-up the poster such, that it can be read at a distance of about 2 m, this means a height of letters (small case) of approximately 10 mm.

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