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the first Ranunculacean International Seminar


20-21 April 2016


Working areas of seminar:

  • Biogeography and Conservation of Ranunculaceae
  • Experimental and Applied Research on Ranunculaceae
  • Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Evolution of Ranunculaceae


Working languages:

English only

Please make three simple steps to participate in seminar:

1) Register and send your manuscript(s) by 31 December 2015*

2) Receive the confirmation of acceptance to publication after review

3) Pay the organizing fee by 31 March 2016

*If you will have problems with online submission, please feel free to contact with us by mail

Important dates

31 December 2015 – deadline for registration and manuscript submission

31 March 2016 – deadline to pay the fee

10 April 2016 – deadline to confirm the personal participation

20 April 2016 – a RISE!


Organization of seminar is financially supported by Rufford Foundation (RSG ID 16667-1) which covers participation of 10 persons. Therefore we are happy to inform that 10 participants, who will send the best manuscripts and will announce a desire to get financial support, will be able to take a part in seminar work for free. The grant is available for all of participants without regard to the type of participation. This grant, however, does not cover accommodation, travel charges, lunches etc.

All other participants should pay regular fees. Fees should be paid only after confirmation of acceptance to publication!

Total fee consists of organizing fee plus publication fee.

Organizing fee is 30 Euros (regardless of the type of participation).

Publication fee is 5 Euros per page (regardless of the type of participation).

In the case of submitting of several manuscripts the organizing fee is paid only once (as a result, participant will receive only one hard-copy of the volume). In the case of personal participation of several co-authors the organizing fee is paid by each of them (as a result, each of the coauthors will receive their own hard-copy of the volume). In the case of personal participation, organizing fee covers organizational expenses, participant package and coffee-breaks. In the case of distant participation, organizing fee covers shipping expenses. The organizing fee does not cover accommodation, travel costs and lunches.

Please see more details in the First Circular


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