Aconitum variegatum

Ecological preferences: Scio-heliophytes or helio-sciophytes; hygrophytes or hygromesophytes, rarely – mesophytes; probably subacidophils (Didukh et al. 2004).

Distribution and habitats in Ukrainian Carpathians: There are mentions of this species from the region of the lake Synevyr in Zakarpatia region (Gorgany Mts.) (Novikoff & Mitka 2011), however they are still not confirmed. The only specimen of A. variegatum from Ukrainian Carpathians (Chornohora) is deposited in herbarium of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (LW). Nevertheless, this species in Ukraine is known from lower altitudes in Volhynia and Ciscarpathia. Probably it could be found in submontane or lower montane belts in such communities as Alnetum incanae and Arunco-Doronicetum.

Distribution and habitats in Chornogora: The species is not confirmed for Chornohora Mts, but cited on the base of single herbarium voucher (LW, Woloszczak E., 17.08.1888).

Distribution and habitats in Gorgany: This species is often cited for Gorgany Mts. even in recent papers due to confusion with A. × cammarum, A. lasiocarpum, or even A. degenii and A. × gayeri. During my expeditions to Gorgany I did not find A. variegatum, however I have found one specially interested example of A. × cammarum, which had a sutural pubescence of carpels just like A. variegatum. I also found a locality of A. lasiocarpum with gemmules in axils of basal leaves, which were reported by Mitka (2003) for A. variegatum only. At this moment I cannot confirm presence of A. variegatum in flora of Ukrainian Carpathians.

Threats: Due its unclear chorology – DD.