Aconitum x cammarum

Ecological preferences: Scio-heliophytes or helio-sciophytes; hygro-mesophytes or mesophytes, rarely – meso-xerophytes; subacidophils or neutrophils.

Distribution and habitats in Ukrainian Carpathians: This is a typical ornamental plant, which is regularly planted near the houses in the most of villages.

Distribution and habitats in Chornogora: This species was not observed in the wild in Chornogora.

Distribution and habitats in Gorgany: In 2017 I had found one locality of A. × cammarum in Verkhniolimnytski Gorgany, near the Osmoloda village. These plants had unusual sutural pubescence like in A. variegatum, however differed by presence of sparse trichomes on reseptacles. After consultation with Prof. Dr. J. Mitka, the specimens were identified as belonging to A. × cammarum. This occasion can be an explanation for several reports of A. variegatum from Gorgany. The specimen of A. variegatum cited for Chornohora must be also precisely revised, because, I guess, it also can be a representative of A. × cammarum.

Threats: This taxon is not threatened, LC.