20.04.2016, Wednesday

09:00-10:00             Registration & Poster preparation



  1. Novikoff A., Mitka J., Kuzyarin A., Orlov O., Ragulina M.

Some notes on the genus Aconitum in Chornohora Mts.

  1. Żuraw B., Podsiedlik M.

New locality and confirmation of some historical data for critically endangered sozophyte Nigella arvensis L. in Southern Poland

  1. Gnatiuk A.M.

Morphological features of Delphinium sergii Wissjul. ex situ in M.M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden


10:00-10:30             Opening ceremony

10:30-12:30             Keynote presentations


Keynote talks

  1. Schönenberger J., Chartier M., Staedler Y.

Modern theoretical and technical approaches in plant morphology

  1. Jabbour F., Espinosa F., Deroin T., Manicacci D., Nadot S., Damerval C.

Development, anatomy, and genetic control of some teratological phenotypes of Ranunculaceae flowers

  1. Denisow B., Strzałkowska-Abramek M., Jeżak A.

Floral reward in Ranunculaceae species


12:30-14:00             Lunch

14:00-15:00             Oral presentations


Regular talks

  1. Nadot S., Sauquet H., Damerval C., Jabbour F., Domenech B.

Perianth evolution in Ranunculaceae: are petals ancestral in the family?

  1. Denisow B., Wrzesień M., Jachuła J.

Chosen aspects of flowering of Ranunculaceae representatives in Poland

  1. Mitka J., Boroń P., Novikoff A.,Wróblewska A., Binkiewicz B.

Two major groups of chloroplast DNA haplotypes in diploid and tetraploid Aconitum subgen. Aconitum (Ranunculaceae) in the Carpathians

  1. Rottensteiner W.K.

Attempt of a morphological differentiation of Helleborus species in the Northwestern Balkans


15:00-15:30             Coffee break

15:30-16:00             Excursion to Natural History Museum

16:00-18:00             Lviv sightseeing tour

19:00-22:00             Welcome dinner (Stefanika str. 19, Restaurant “Bud’mo”)


21.04.2016, Thursday

10:30-12:30             Round table


  1. Problems and perspectives of floral investigations in Ranunculaceae

  2. Geometric morphometrics as comprehensive tool in study of Ranunculaceae

  3. Ontogenetic and teratological studies and evolution of Ranunculaceae


12:30-14:00             Lunch

14:00-16:00             Excursion to Botanical Garden

16:00-18:00             Excursion to Ethnographic Museum

19:00-22:00             Beer evening (start from Natural History Museum)