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New requirements for Cyrillic references

Category : Editorial

Dear authors!

We are introducing new requirements for presentation of Cyrillic papers in the list of References of the articles. Unfortunately, machine processing protocols used by the most of international indexing platforms (such as Thomson Reuters Web of Science and others) can not operate with Cyrillic. Therefore we must to support such Cyrillic references by Romanic transliteration or English translation.

Please take it in the mind during preparation of your manuscripts!

Examples of:

a) transliteration

Андрианова Ю.Е., Тарчевский И.А. 2000. Хлорофилл и продуктивность растений. Наука, Москва.
[Andrianova Yu.E., Tarchevskiy I.A. 2000. Hlorofil i produktivnost rasteniy. Nauka, Moskva. (In Russian)]

b) translations

Недуха О.М. 2011. Гетерофілія у рослин. Альтерпрес, Київ.
[Nedukha O.M. 2011. Heterophylly in plants. Altpress, Kyiv. (In Ukrainian)]