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Indexation in Clarivate Analytics and new design trends

Category : Editorial

Starting from 2018 we are indexed in Emerging source citation index of Clarivate analytics. I personally would like to thank all who contributed to our journal and helped to make it better.

Nevertheless, we are not stopping. We are happy to introduce some changes in design and structure of our publications. Now we will use only open fonts from Google. Hope you will like them!

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Modern Phytomorphology on OJS

Category : Editorial

Dear colleagues, welcome to our new publishing and archiving platform based on OJS 3!

As you can see, website structure differs now significantly; we introduced pages for each of articles, new online submission and review engines, DOIs, sections, and much more. However, our website is still in test mode. Therefore, if you experienced any problems with manuscript submission, review, or if you have found errors and mistakes, please send e-mail to Andrew Novikoff. We will be very thankful for your help in improving of our website!

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Changes for Cyrillic submissions

Category : Editorial

Dear colleagues,
It is a time to introduce next stage of changes related to our journal.
Starting from 2017 we are changing structure of Cyrillic articles. From this moment, all Cyrillic articles MUST have English titles, authors & affiliation, abstracts and keywords. Also, Cyrillic articles MUST have all references and in-text citations in English only. In all new submissions, listed above Cyrillic elements should be excluded and replaced by English versions. List of references should be completed fully in English or, at least, contains transliterated versions of cited works. For transliteration you can use the Tool of Ukrainian Botanical Journal ( or any other available sources.

So, structure of regular Cyrillic article will be next: English title, English authors, English affiliations, English abstract, English keywords, Cyrillic body text with English in-text citations, English or transliterated list of references.

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Significant Changes

Category : Editorial

Dear colleagues,

We would like to introduce several significant changes in publishing scheme of Modern Phytomorphology journal related to transition from print to electronic priority:

  1. All next papers will be published on-line as soon as they will be processed, what can be useful in the case of new findings or other competition. These will be not a pre-prints, but final versions of papers which will include continuous page numeration of current volume. The date of first appear on-line will be considered as a date of first publishing, which also will be indicated in the paper.

  2. All the papers of current year will be gathered in one volume, while the papers processed in consequent year – in next volume. Before this time we published 2 volumes per year, but now there no more need for this, and only one volume once per year will appear. This volume will be fulfill during the year and printed in limited amount required for archiving in May-June of the next year.

  3. We already published two supplements and will develop this practice. In the case, when there is need to publish extra volume or to separate some content, it will be published as supplement of current volume.

  4. We introducing further categorization of papers on: Research Articles, Data Articles, Discussion Article, Short Communications, Reviews, Editorials, Correspondences, Proceedings, Monographs, Software Descriptions, Corrigenda, and Retractions. Other categories for the papers can be applied in the case if there will be such need.

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New extra volume published

Category : Editorial

Hi everyone!

This year is  plenteous for Modern Phytomorphology. Instead of 2 volumes, as usual, we published all 4. They are not so thick as it was in 2012, however they are. And this is more important. Despite of conditions of permanent military aggression and occupation, as well as deep economic crisis, we still exist and develop. Thanks to all who stay with us!

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5 years together

Category : Editorial

5 years


Dear authors and readers, colleagues and friends!

In this year we are celebrating 5 year anniversary. I would like to thank you all for support and trust. You were and still are the main reason for our work, and we hope we are doing this work as better as possible. Yes, there are still a lot of modifications required (e.g. introduction of DOIs), but we belive that all of them will be realized soon.

Thank you that you are standing with us!

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The first RISE was done!

Category : Editorial

In 20-21 April 2016 the first Ranunculacean International Seminar was successfully organized on the base of State Natural History Museum NAS of Ukraine in Lviv city.

On the base of reported topics we prepared and published special volume of Modern Phytomorphology journal which is already and freely available on our website.

More information about RISE you welcome to find here and photos  - on facebook page.

I would like to thank once again to all who participate and help us in organization of RISE.


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New requirements for Cyrillic references

Category : Editorial

Dear authors!

We are introducing new requirements for presentation of Cyrillic papers in the list of References of the articles. Unfortunately, machine processing protocols used by the most of international indexing platforms (such as Thomson Reuters Web of Science and others) can not operate with Cyrillic. Therefore we must to support such Cyrillic references by Romanic transliteration or English translation.

Please take it in the mind during preparation of your manuscripts!

Examples of:

a) transliteration

Андрианова Ю.Е., Тарчевский И.А. 2000. Хлорофилл и продуктивность растений. Наука, Москва.
[Andrianova Yu.E., Tarchevskiy I.A. 2000. Hlorofil i produktivnost rasteniy. Nauka, Moskva. (In Russian)]

b) translations

Недуха О.М. 2011. Гетерофілія у рослин. Альтерпрес, Київ.
[Nedukha O.M. 2011. Heterophylly in plants. Altpress, Kyiv. (In Ukrainian)]

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Category : Editorial , News

IMG_9788Hi everybody! So, the new site is finally done. It was not easy work, but we did it. Next step of Modern Phytomorphology reorganization is integration in Open Journal System and introduction of new archivation protocols. I hope to start this work in June-July.

But now I would like to ask you for help. If you will find any problems or bugs on our website, please contact with me by mail.


Thank you for interrest to Modern Phytomorphology and stay with us!

Sincerely, Andrew.

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Hello world!

Category : Editorial , News

Welcome to our new website.
In this year we celebrate 5 years of our project. As one of progressive steps it is restructuration of web platform and refresh of the design of all of content.
Now I am working under construction of new site, which will be better fitted to modern devices and better indexed by search engines. I hope to finish the main work in next few days, but probably, the full content of the website will be available little later.

Any way, I hope that finally you will enjoy our new website, which should be more custom friendly.


Sincerely yours, Andrew.