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Significant Changes

Category : Editorial

Dear colleagues,

We would like to introduce several significant changes in publishing scheme of Modern Phytomorphology journal related to transition from print to electronic priority:

  1. All next papers will be published on-line as soon as they will be processed, what can be useful in the case of new findings or other competition. These will be not a pre-prints, but final versions of papers which will include continuous page numeration of current volume. The date of first appear on-line will be considered as a date of first publishing, which also will be indicated in the paper.

  2. All the papers of current year will be gathered in one volume, while the papers processed in consequent year – in next volume. Before this time we published 2 volumes per year, but now there no more need for this, and only one volume once per year will appear. This volume will be fulfill during the year and printed in limited amount required for archiving in May-June of the next year.

  3. We already published two supplements and will develop this practice. In the case, when there is need to publish extra volume or to separate some content, it will be published as supplement of current volume.

  4. We introducing further categorization of papers on: Research Articles, Data Articles, Discussion Article, Short Communications, Reviews, Editorials, Correspondences, Proceedings, Monographs, Software Descriptions, Corrigenda, and Retractions. Other categories for the papers can be applied in the case if there will be such need.