Changes for Cyrillic submissions

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Changes for Cyrillic submissions

Category : Editorial

Dear colleagues,
It is a time to introduce next stage of changes related to our journal.
Starting from 2017 we are changing structure of Cyrillic articles. From this moment, all Cyrillic articles MUST have English titles, authors & affiliation, abstracts and keywords. Also, Cyrillic articles MUST have all references and in-text citations in English only. In all new submissions, listed above Cyrillic elements should be excluded and replaced by English versions. List of references should be completed fully in English or, at least, contains transliterated versions of cited works. For transliteration you can use the Tool of Ukrainian Botanical Journal ( or any other available sources.

So, structure of regular Cyrillic article will be next: English title, English authors, English affiliations, English abstract, English keywords, Cyrillic body text with English in-text citations, English or transliterated list of references.

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