System of Embryophytes


This system is built on the base of several most important sources (Davies 1985; Doweld 2001; Crane et al. 2004; Tsutsumi et al. 2008; Christenhusz & Schneider 2011; Christenhusz et al. 2011a, 2011b; Xing et al. 2013; Christenhusz 2013; Takhtajan 2013; Goffinet & Villarreal 2014; Goffinet et al. 2014; Stotler & Crandall‑Stotler 2014). We believe that this system in the best way represents phylogenetic relationships among general groups of embryophytes. However, the taxonomic rank of angiosperms is still not resolved in this system. Therefore angiosperms are represented here as a division Magnoliophyta Cronq., Takht. et Zimerm. ex Reveal with a single class Magnoliopsida Brongn and a single subclass Magnoliidae Novák ex Takht. (Reveal 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012a, 2012b; Chase & Reveal 2009; Reveal & Chase 2011). We also do not represent here the internal taxonomical structure of angiosperms.

We hope that this system will help other scientists and students in their educational and research processes.

Please cite this system as following: Novikoff A., Barabasz-Krasny B. 2015. System of Embryophytes. In: Novikoff A., Barabasz-Krasny B. Modern Plant Systematics: 23-63. Liga-Pres, Lviv, Ukraine.



Kingdom Chlorobiota Kendrick et Crane ( Viridiplantae Cavalier-Smith)

Subkingdom α. Bryobiotina D.H. Campbell


Division I. Marchantiophyta Stotler et Crand. Stotl. in A.J. Shaw et B. Goffinet

Class A. Haplomitriopsida Stotler et Crand.-Stotl. (incl. Treubiopsida Stech, J.-P. Frahm, Hilger et W. Frey)

Subclass A1. Treubiidae Stotler et Crand.-Stotl.

Order a. Treubiales Schljakov

Family 1. Treubiaceae Verd.

Apotreubia S. Hatt. et Mizut., Treubia K.I. Goebel

Subclass A2. Haplomitriidae Stotler et Crand.-Stotl.

Order b. Calobryales Hamlin

Family 1. Haplomitriaceae Dedecek

Haplomitrium Nees


Class B. Marchantiopsida Cronquist, Takht. et W. Zimm.

Subclass B1. Blasiidae He-Nygrén, Juslén, Ahonen, Glenny et Piippo

Order a. Blasiales Stotler et Crand.-Stotl. in A.J. Shaw et B. Goffinet

Family 1. Blasiaceae H. Klinggr.

Blasia L., Cavicularia Steph.

Subclass B2. Marchantiidae Engl.

Order b. Sphaerocarpales Cavers

Family 1. Sphaerocarpaceae Heeg

Geothallus Campb., Sphaerocarpos Boehm.

Family 2. Riellaceae Engl.

Riella Mont.

Order c. Neohodgsoniales D.G. Long

Family 1. Neohodgsoniaceae D.G. Long

Neohodgsonia Perss.

Order d. Lunulariales D.G. Long

Family 1. Lunulariaceae H. Klinggr.

Lunularia Adans.

Order e. Marchantiales Limpr. in Cohn

Family 1. Marchantiaceae Lindl.

Bucegia Radian, Marchantia L., Preissia Corda

Family 2. Aytoniaceae Cavers

Asterella P. Beauv., Cryptomitrium Austin ex Underw., Mannia Opiz, Plagiochasma Lehm. et Lindenb., Reboulia Raddi

Family 3. Cleveaceae Cavers

Athalamia Falconer, Sauteria Nees, Peltolepis Lindb.

Family 4. Monosoleniaceae Inoue

Monosolenium Griff.

Family 5. Conocephalaceae Müll. Frib. ex Grolle

Conocephalum Hill

Family 6. Cyathodiaceae Stotler et Crand.-Stotl. in A.J. Shaw et B. Goffinet

Cyathodium Kunze

Family 7. Exormothecaceae Müll. Frib. ex Grolle

Aitchisoniella Kashyap, Exormotheca Mitt., Stephensoniella Kashyap

Family 8. Corsiniaceae Engl.

Corsinia Raddi, Cronisia Berk.

Family 9. Monocarpaceae D.J. Carr ex Schelpe

Monocarpus D.J. Carr

Family 10. Oxymitraceae Müll. Frib. ex Grolle

Oxymitra Bisch. ex Lindenb.

Family 11. Ricciaceae Rchb.

Riccia L., Ricciocarpos Corda

Family 12. Wiesnerellaceae Inoue

Wiesnerella Schiffn.

Family 13. Targioniaceae Dumort.

Targionia L.

Family 14. Monocleaceae A.B. Frank in Leunis

Monoclea Hook.

Family 15. Dumortieraceae D.G. Long

Dumortiera Nees


Class C. Jungermanniopsida Stotler et Crand.-Stotl.

Subclass C1. Pelliidae He-Nygrén, Juslén, Ahonen, Glenny et Piippo

Order a. Pelliales He-Nygrén, Juslén, Ahonen, Glenny et Piippo

Family 1. Pelliaceae H. Klinggr

Noteroclada Taylor ex Hook. et Wilson, Pellia Raddi

Order b. Fossombroniales Schljakov

Suborder b1. Calyculariineae He-Nygrén, Juslén, Ahonen, Glenny et Piippo

Family 1. Calyculariaceae He-Nygrén, Juslén, Ahonen, Glenny et Piippo

Calycularia Mitt.

Suborder b2. Makinoiineae He-Nygrén, Juslén, Ahonen, Glenny et Piippo

Family 2. Makinoaceae Nakai

Makinoa Miyake

Suborder b3. Fossombroniineae Schust. ex Stotler et Crand.-Stotl. in Shaw et Goffinet

Family 3. Petalophyllaceae Stotler et Crand.-Stotl.

Petalophyllum Nees et Gottsche ex Lehm., Sewardiella Kashyap

Family 4. Allisoniaceae Schljakov

Allisonia Herzog

Family 5. Fossombroniaceae Hazsl.

Fossombronia Raddi (incl. Austrofossombronia R.M. Schust.)

Order c. Pallaviciniales W. Frey et M. Stech

Suborder c1. Phyllothalliineae R.M. Schust.

Family 1. Phyllothalliaceae E.A. Hodgs.

Phyllothallia E.A. Hodgs.

Suborder c2. Pallaviciniineae R.M. Schust.

Family 2. Sandeothallaceae R.M. Schust.

Sandeothallus R.M. Schust.

Family 3. Moerckiaceae Stotler et Crand.-Stotl.

Hattorianthus R.M. Schust. et Inoue, Moerckia Gottsche

Family 4. Hymenophytaceae R.M. Schust.

Hymenophyton Dumort.

Family 5. Pallaviciniaceae Mig.

Greeneothallus Hässel, Jensenia Lindb., Pallavicinia Gray, Podomitrium Mitt., Seppeltia Grolle, Symphyogyna Nees et Mont., Symphyogynopsis Grolle, Xenothallus R.M. Schust.

Subclass C2. Metzgeriidae Barthol.-Began

Order d. Pleuroziales Schljakov

Family 1. Pleuroziaceae Müll. Frib.

Pleurozia Dumort. (incl. Eopleurozia R.M. Schust.)

Order e. Metzgeriales Chalaud

Family 1. Metzgeriaceae H. Klinggr.

Metzgeria Raddi (incl. Apometzgeria Kuwah., Austrometzgeria Kuwah.), Steereella Kuwah., Vandiemenia Hewson

Family 2. Aneuraceae H. Klinggr.

Aneura Dumort. (incl. Cryptothallus Malmb.), Riccardia Gray, Lobatiriccardia (Mizut. et S. Hatt.) Furuki, Verdoornia R.M. Schust.

Family 3. Mizutaniaceae Furuki et Z. Iwats.

Mizutania Furuki et Z. Iwats.

Subclass C3. Jungermanniidae Engl.

Order f. Porellales Schljakov

Suborder f1. Porellineae R.M. Schust.

Family 1. Porellaceae Cavers

Ascidiota C. Massal., Porella L. (incl. Macvicaria W.E. Nicholson)

Family 2. Goebeliellaceae Verd.

Goebeliella Steph.

Family 3. Lepidolaenaceae Nakai

Gackstroemia Trevis., Lepidogyna R.M. Schust., Lepidolaena Dumort., Jubulopsis R.M. Schust.

Suborder f2. Radulineae R.M. Schust.

Family 4. Radulaceae Müll. Frib.

Radula Dumort.

Suborder f3. Jubulineae Müll. Frib.

Family 5. Frullaniaceae Lorch in G. Lindau

Frullania Raddi (incl. Amphijubula R.M. Schust., Neohattoria Kamim., Schusterella S. Hatt., Sharp et Mizut., Steerea S. Hatt. et Kamim.)

Family 6. Jubulaceae H. Klinggr.

Jubula Dumort., Nipponolejeunea S. Hatt.

Family 7. Lejeuneaceae Cavers

Acanthocoleus R.M. Schust., Acantholejeunea (R.M. Schust.) R.M. Schust., Acrolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Anoplolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Aphanotropis Herzog, Archilejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Aureolejeunea R.M. Schust., Austrolejeunea (R.M. Schust.) R.M. Schust. (incl. Nephelolejeunea Grolle), Blepharolejeunea S.W. Arnell, Brachiolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Bromeliophila R.M. Schust., Bryopteris (Nees) Lindenb., Calatholejeunea K.I. Goebel, Caudalejeunea (Steph.) Schiffn., Cephalantholejeunea (R.M. Schust. et Kachroo) R.M. Schust., Cephalolejeunea Mizut., Ceratolejeunea (Spruce) J.B. Jack et Steph., Cheilolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. (incl. Cyrtolejeunea A. Evans), Chondriolejeunea (Benedix) Kis et Pócs, Cladolejeunea Zwick., Cololejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. (incl. Aphanolejeunea A. Evansand, Metzgeriopsis K.I. Goebel), Colura (Dumort.) Dumort., Cyclolejeunea A. Evans, Cystolejeunea A. Evans, Dactylophorella R.M. Schust., Dendrolejeunea (Spruce) Lacout., Dicranolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Diplasiolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Drepanolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. (incl. Capillolejeunea S.W. Arnell, Rhaphidolejeunea Herzog), Echinolejeunea R.M. Schust., Evansiolejeunea Vanden Berghen, Frullanoides Raddi, Fulfordianthus Gradst., Haplolejeunea Grolle, Harpalejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Hattoriolejeunea Mizut., Kymatolejeunea Grolle, Leiolejeunea A. Evans, Lejeunea Lib. (incl. Amblyolejeunea Ast, Amphilejeunea R.M. Schust., Crossotolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Cryptogynolejeunea R.M. Schust., Dactylolejeunea R.M. Schust., Dicladolejeunea R.M. Schust., Echinocolea R.M. Schust., Macrolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Neopotamolejeunea E. Reiner, Taxilejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn.), Lepidolejeunea R.M. Schust., Leptolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Leucolejeunea A. Evans, Lindigianthus Kruijt et Gradst., Lopholejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Luteolejeunea Piippo, Macrocolura R.M. Schust., Marchesinia Gray, Mastigolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Metalejeunea Grolle, Microlejeunea Steph., Myriocolea Spruce, Myriocoleopsis Schiffn., Neurolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Odontolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Omphalanthus Lindenb. et Nees, Oryzolejeunea (R.M. Schust.) R.M. Schust., Otolejeunea Grolle et Tixier, Phaeolejeunea Mizut., Physantholejeunea R.M. Schust., Pictolejeunea Grolle, Pluvianthus R.M. Schust. et Schäf.-Verw., Prionolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Ptychanthus Nees, Pycnolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Rectolejeunea A. Evans, Schiffneriolejeunea Verd., Schusterolejeunea Grolle, Siphonolejeunea Herzog, Sphaerolejeunea Herzog, Spruceanthus Verd., Stenolejeunea R.M. Schust., Stictolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn., Symbiezidium Trevis., Thysananthus Lindenb., Trachylejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. (incl. Potamolejeunea (Spruce) Lacout.), Trocholejeunea Schiffn., Tuyamaella S. Hatt., Tuzibeanthus S. Hatt., Verdoornianthus Gradst., Vitalianthus R.M. Schust. et Giancotti, Xylolejeunea X-L. He et Grolle

Order g. Ptilidiales Schljakov

Family 1. Ptilidiaceae H. Klinggr.

Ptilidium Nees

Family 2. Neotrichocoleaceae Inoue

Neotrichocolea S. Hatt., Trichocoleopsis S. Okamura

Family 3. Herzogianthaceae Stotler et Crand.-Stotl. in B. Goffinet et A.J. Shaw

Herzogianthus R.M. Schust.

Order h. Jungermanniales H. Klinggr.

Suborder h1. Perssoniellineae R.M. Schust.

Family 1. Perssoniellaceae R.M. Schust. ex Grolle

Perssoniella Herzog

Family 2. Schistochilaceae H. Buch

Gottschea Nees ex Mont. (incl. Paraschistochila R.M. Schust.), Pachyschistochila R.M. Schust. et J.J. Engel, Pleurocladopsis R.M. Schust., Schistochila Dumort.

Suborder h2. Lophocoleineae Schljakov (Geocalycineae R.M. Schust.).

Family 3. Pseudolepicoleaceae Fulford et J. Taylor

Archeophylla R.M. Schust., Blepharostoma (Dumort.) Dumort., Chaetocolea Spruce, Herzogiaria Fulford ex Hässel, Isophyllaria E.A. Hodgs. et Allison, Pseudolepicolea Fulford et J. Taylor (incl. Archeochaete R.M. Schust., Lophochaete R.M. Schust.), Temnoma Mitt.

Family 4. Trichocoleaceae Nakai

Castanoclobus J.J. Engel et Glenny, Eotrichocolea R.M. Schust., Leiomitra Lindb., Trichocolea Dumort.

Family 5. Grolleaceae Solari ex R.M. Schust.

Grollea R.M. Schust.

Family 6. Mastigophoraceae R.M. Schust.

Dendromastigophora R.M. Schust., Mastigophora Nees

Family 7. Herbertaceae Müll. Frib. ex Fulford et Hatcher

Herbertus Gray, Olgantha R.M. Schust., Triandrophyllum Fulford et Hatcher

Family 8. Vetaformataceae Fulford et J. Taylor

Vetaforma Fulford et J. Taylor

Family 9. Lepicoleaceae R.M. Schust.

Lepicolea Dumort.

Family 10. Phycolepidoziaceae R.M. Schust.

Phycolepidozia R.M. Schust.

Family 11. Lepidoziaceae Limpr. in Cohn

Acromastigum A. Evans, Amazoopsis J.J. Engel et G.L.S. Merr., Arachniopsis Spruce, Bazzania Gray, Chloranthelia R.M. Schust., Dendrobazzania R.M. Schust. et W.B. Schofield, Drucella E.A. Hodgs., Hyalolepidozia S.W. Arnell ex Grolle, Hygrolembidium R.M. Schust., Isolembidium R.M. Schust., Kurzia G. Martens, Lembidium Mitt., Lepidozia (Dumort.) Dumort., Monodactylopsis (R.M. Schust.) R.M. Schust., Mastigopelma Mitt., Megalembidium R.M. Schust., Micropterygium Lindenb., Nees et Gottsche, Mytilopsis Spruce, Neogrollea E.A. Hodgs., Odontoseries Fulford, Paracromastigum Fulford et J. Taylor, Protocephalozia (Spruce) K.I. Goebel, Pseudocephalozia R.M. Schust., Psiloclada Mitt., Pteropsiella Spruce, Sprucella Steph., Telaranea Spruce ex Schiffn., Zoopsidella R.M. Schust., Zoopsis Hook. f. ex Gottsche, Lindenb. et Nees

Family 12. Lophocoleaceae Vanden Berghen in Robyns

Amphilophocolea R.M. Schust., Chiloscyphus Corda, Clasmatocolea Spruce, Conoscyphus Mitt., Cyanolophocolea R.M. Schust., Evansianthus R.M. Schust. et J.J. Engel (incl. Austrolembidium Hässel), Hepatostolonophora J.J. Engel et R.M. Schust., Heteroscyphus Schiffn. (incl. Tetracymbaliella Grolle), Lamellocolea J.J. Engel, Leptophyllopsis R.M. Schust., Leptoscyphopsis R.M. Schust., Leptoscyphus Mitt., Lophocolea (Dumort.) Dumort. (incl. Campanocolea R.M. Schust.), Pachyglossa Herzog et Grolle (incl. Invisocaulis R.M. Schust.), Perdusenia Hässel, Physotheca J.J. Engel et Gradst., Pigafettoa C. Massal., Platycaulis R.M. Schust., Pseudolophocolea R.M. Schust. et J.J. Engel, Stolonivector J.J. Engel, Xenocephalozia R.M. Schust.

Family 13. Brevianthaceae J.J. Engel et R.M. Schust.

Brevianthus J.J. Engel et R.M. Schust.

Family 14. Chonecoleaceae R.M. Schust. ex Grolle

Chonecolea Grolle

Family 15. Plagiochilaceae Müll. Frib. et Herzog in Müller

Acrochila R.M. Schust., Chiastocaulon Carl, Dinckleria Trevis. (Proskauera Heinrichs et J.J. Engel (?)), Pedinophyllopsis R.M. Schust. et Inoue, Pedinophyllum (Lindb.) Lindb., Plagiochila (Dumort.) Dumort. (incl. Rhodoplagiochila R.M. Schust., Steereochila Inoue, Szweykowskia Gradst. et E. Reiner), Plagiochilidium Herzog, Plagiochilion S. Hatt., Xenochila R.M. Schust.

Suborder h3. Cephaloziineae Schljakov ( Cephaloziineae R.M. Schust.)

Family 16. Adelanthaceae Grolle

Adelanthus Mitt. (incl. Pseudomarsupidium Herzog), Calyptrocolea R.M. Schust., Wettsteinia Schiffn.

Family 17. Jamesoniellaceae He-Nygrén, Juslén, Ahonen, Glenny et Piippo

Anomacaulis (R.M. Schust.) Grolle, Cryptochila R.M. Schust., Cuspidatula Steph., Denotarisia Grolle, Jamesoniella (Spruce) Carrington, Nothostrepta R.M. Schust., Pisanoa Hässel, Protosyzygiella (Inoue) R.M. Schust., Roivainenia Perss., Syzygiella Spruce, Vanaea (Inoue et Gradst.) Inoue et Gradst.

Family 18. Cephaloziaceae Mig., Krypt.-Fl. Deutschl.

Alobiella (Spruce) Schiffn., Alobiellopsis R.M. Schust., Anomoclada Spruce, Cephalozia (Dumort.) Dumort., Cladopodiella H. Buch, Fuscocephaloziopsis Fulford, Haesselia Grolle et Gradst., Hygrobiella Spruce, Iwatsukia N. Kitag., Metahygrobiella R.M. Schust., Nowellia Mitt., Odontoschisma (Dumort.) Dumort., Pleurocladula Grolle, Schiffneria Steph., Schofieldia J.D. Godfrey, Trabacellula Fulford

Family 19. Cephaloziellaceae Douin

Allisoniella E.A. Hodgs. (incl. Protomarsupella R.M. Schust.), Amphicephalozia R.M. Schust., Cephalojonesia Grolle, Cephalomitrion R.M. Schust., Cephaloziella (Spruce) Schiffn., Cephaloziopsis (Spruce) Schiffn., Cylindrocolea R.M. Schust., Gymnocoleopsis (R.M. Schust.) R.M. Schust., Kymatocalyx Herzog (incl. Stenorrhipis Herzog)

Family 20. Scapaniaceae Mig. (incl. Chaetophyllopsidaceae R.M. Schust., Diplophyllaceae Potemk., Lophoziaceae Cavers)

Anastrepta (Lindb.) Schiffn., Anastrophyllum (Spruce) Steph., Andrewsianthus R.M. Schust. (incl. Cephalolobus R.M. Schust.), Barbilophozia Loeske, Chaetophyllopsis R.M. Schust., Chandonanthus Mitt., Diplophyllum (Dumort.) Dumort., Douinia (C.N. Jensen) H. Buch, Gerhildiella Grolle, Gottschelia Grolle, Gymnocolea (Dumort.) Dumort., Hattoria R.M. Schust., Isopaches H. Buch, Krunodiplophyllum Grolle, Lophozia (Dumort.) Dumort., Macrodiplophyllum (H. Buch) Perss., Plicanthus R.M. Schust., Pseudocephaloziella R.M. Schust., Scapania (Dumort.) Dumort., Scapaniella H. Buch, Schistochilopsis (N. Kitag.) Konst., Sphenolobopsis R.M. Schust. et N. Kitag., Sphenolobus (Lindb.) Berggr., Tetralophozia (R.M. Schust.) Schljakov, Tritomaria Schiffn. ex Loeske

Suborder h4. Jungermanniineae R.M. Schust. ex Stotler et Crand.-Stotl. in A. J. Shaw et B. Goffinet

Family 21. Myliaceae Schljakov

Leiomylia J.J. Engel et Braggins, Mylia Gray

Family 22. Trichotemnomataceae R.M. Schust.

Trichotemnoma R.M. Schust.

Family 23. Balantiopsidaceae H. Buch

Anisotachis R.M. Schust., Acroscyphella N. Kitag. et Grolle ( Austroscyphus R.M. Schust.), Balantiopsis Mitt., Eoisotachis R.M. Schust., Hypoisotachis (R.M. Schust.) J.J. Engel et G. L. S. Merr., Isotachis Mitt., Neesioscyphus Grolle, Ruizanthus R.M. Schust.

Family 24. Acrobolbaceae E.A. Hodgs.

Acrobolbus Nees, Austrolophozia R.M. Schust., Enigmella G.A. M.Scott et K.G. Beckm., Goebelobryum Grolle, Lethocolea Mitt. (incl. Neoprasanthus S. Winkl.), Marsupidium Mitt., Tylimanthus Mitt.

Family 25. Blepharidophyllaceae R.M. Schust.

Blepharidophyllum Ångstr., Clandarium (Grolle) R.M. Schust.

Family 26. Arnelliaceae Nakai

Arnellia Lindb., Gongylanthus Nees, Southbya Spruce, Stephaniella J.B. Jack, Stephaniellidium S. Winkl. ex Grolle

Family 27. Jackiellaceae R.M. Schust.

Jackiella Schiffn.

Family 28. Calypogeiaceae Arnell in Holmberg

Calypogeia Raddi, Eocalypogeia (R.M. Schust.) R.M. Schust., Metacalypogeia (S. Hatt.) Inoue, Mnioloma Herzog

Family 29. Delavayellaceae R.M. Schust.

Delavayella Steph., Liochlaena Nees

Family 30. Jungermanniaceae Rchb. (incl. Mesoptychiaceae Inoue et Steere)

Eremonotus Lindb. et Kaal. ex Pearson (incl. Anomomarsupella R.M. Schust.), Hattoriella (Inoue) Inoue, Jungermannia L., Leiocolea (Müll. Frib.) H. Buch, Mesoptychia (Lindb.) A. Evans

Family 31. Solenostomataceae Stotler et Crand.-Stotl.

Arctoscyphus Hässel, Bragginsella R.M. Schust., Cryptocolea R.M. Schust., Cryptocoleopsis Amak., Cryptostipula R.M. Schust., Diplocolea Amak., Horikawaella S. Hatt. et Amakawa, Nardia Gray (incl. Apotomanthus (Spruce) Schiffn.), Scaphophyllum Inoue, Solenostoma Mitt. (incl. Plectocolea (Mitt.) Mitt.)

Family 32. Geocalycaceae H. Klinggr.

Geocalyx Nees, Harpanthus Nees, Notoscyphus Mitt., Saccogyna Dumort., Saccogynidium Grolle

Family 33. Gyrothyraceae R.M. Schust.

Gyrothyra M. Howe

Family 34. Antheliaceae R.M. Schust.

Anthelia (Dumort.) Dumort.

Family 35. Gymnomitriaceae H. Klinggr.

Acrolophozia R.M. Schust., Apomarsupella R.M. Schust., Gymnomitrion Corda, Herzogobryum Grolle, Lophonardia R.M. Schust., Marsupella Dumort., Nanomarsupella (R.M. Schust.) R.M. Schust., Nothogymnomitrion R.M. Schust., Paramomitrion R.M. Schust., Poeltia Grolle, Prasanthus Lindb.

Division II. Bryophyta Schimp.

Subdivision IIa. Takakiophytina Stech et W. Frey

Class A.Takakiopsida Stech et W. Frey

Order a. Takakiales Stech et W. Frey

Family 1. Takakiaceae Stech et W. Frey

Takakia S. Hatt. et Inoue


Subdivision IIb. Sphagnophytina Doweld

Class B. Sphagnopsida Ochyra

Order a. Sphagnales Limpr.

Family 1. Sphagnaceae Dumort.

Sphagnum L.

Family 2. Flatbergiaceae A.J. Shaw

Flatbergium A.J. Shaw

Family 3. Ambuchananiaceae Seppelt et H. A. Crum

Ambuchanania Seppelt et H.A. Crum, Eosphagnum A.J. Shaw


Subdivision IIc. Andreaeophytina Goffinet, W.R. Buck et A. J. Shaw

Class C. Andreaeopsida J.H. Schaffn.

Order a. Andreaeales Limpr.

Family 1. Andreaeaceae Dumort.

Acroschisma (Hook. f. et Wilson) Lindl., Andreaea Hedw.


Subdivision IId. Andreaeobryophytina Goffinet, W.R. Buck et A. J. Shaw

Class D. Andreaeobryopsida Goffinet et W.R. Buck

Order a. Andreaeobryales B.M. Murray

Family 1. Andreaeobryaceae Steere

Andreaeobryum Steere et B.M. Murray


Subdivision IIe. Bryophytina Engler

Class E. Oedipodiopsida Goffinet et W.R. Buck

Order a. Oedipodiales Goffinet et W.R. Buck

Family 1. Oedipodiaceae Schimp.

Oedipodium Schwägr.


Class F. Polytrichopsida Doweld

Order a. Polytrichales M. Fleisch.

Family 1. Polytrichaceae Schwägr.

Alophozia Cardot, Atrichopsis Cardot, Atrichum P. Beauv., Bartramiopsis Kindb., Dawsonia R. Br., Dendroligotrichum (Müll. Hal.) Broth., Hebantia G.L. Sm., Itatiella G.L. Sm., Lyellia R.Br., Meiotrichum (G.L. Sm.) G.L. Sm., Notoligotrichum G.L. Sm., Oligotrichum Lam. et DC, Plagioracelopus G.L. Sm. Merr., Pogonatum P. Beauv., Polytrichadelphus (Müll. Hal.) Mitt., Polytrichastrum G.L. Sm., Polytrichum Hedw., Pseudatrichum Reimers, Psilopilum Brid., Steereobryon G.L. Sm.


Class G. Tetraphidopsida Goffinet et W.R. Buck

Order a. Tetraphidales M. Fleisch.

Family 1. Tetraphidaceae Schimp.

Tetraphis Hedw., Tetrodontium Schwägr.


Class H. Bryopsida Rothm.

Subclass H1. Buxbaumiidae Doweld

Order a. Buxbaumiales M. Fleisch.

Family 1. Buxbaumiaceae Schimp.

Buxbaumia Hedw.

Subclass H2. Diphysciidae Ochyra

Order b. Diphysciales M. Fleisch.

Family 1. Diphysciaceae M. Fleisch.

Diphyscium D. Mohr

Subclass H3. Timmiidae Ochyra

Order c. Timmiales Ochyra

Family 1. Timmiaceae Schimp.

Timmia Hedw.

Subclass H4. Funariidae Ochyra

Order d. Gigaspermales Goffinet, Wickett, O. Werner, Ros, A.J. Shaw et C.J. Cox

Family 1. Gigaspermaceae Lindb.

Chamaebryum Thér. et Dixon, Costesia Thér., Gigaspermum Lindb., Lorentziella Müll. Hal., Oedipodiella Dixon

Order e. Encalyptales Dixon

Family 1. Bryobartramiaceae Sainsb.

Bryobartramia Sainsb.

Family 2. Encalyptaceae Schimp.

Bryobrittonia R.S. Williams, Encalypta Hedw.

Order f. Funariales M. Fleisch.

Family 1. Funariaceae Schwägr.

Aphanorrhegma Sull., Brachymeniopsis Broth., Bryobeckettia Fife, Clavitheca O. Werner, Ros et Goffinet, Cygnicollum Fife et Magill, Entosthodon Schwägr., Funaria Hedw., Funariella Sérgio, Goniomitrium Hook. f. et Wilson, Loiseaubryum Bizot, Nanomitriella E.B. Bartram, Physcomitrella Bruch et Schimp., Physcomitrellopsis Broth. et Wager, Physcomitridium G. Roth, Physcomitrium (Brid.) Brid., Pyramidula Brid.

Family 2. Disceliaceae Schimp.

Discelium Brid.

Subclass H5. Dicranidae Doweld

Order g. Scouleriales Goffinet et W.R. Buck

Family 1. Scouleriaceae S.P. Churchill in Funk et D.R. Brooks

Scouleria Hook., Tridontium Hook. f.

Family 2. Drummondiaceae Goffinet

Drummondia Hook.

Order h. Bryoxiphiales H.A. Crum et L.E. Anderson

Family 1. Bryoxiphiaceae Besch.

Bryoxiphium Mitt.

Order i. Grimmiales M. Fleisch.

Family 1. Grimmiaceae Arn.

Bucklandiella Roiv., Codriophorus P. Beauv., Dryptodon Brid., Grimmia Hedw., Leucoperichaetium Magill, Niphotrichum (Bednarek-Ochyra) Bednarek-Ochyra et Ochyra, Racomitrium Brid., Schistidium Bruch et Schimp.

Family 2. Ptychomitriaceae Schimp.

Aligrimmia R.S. Williams, Campylostelium Bruch et Schimp., Indusiella Broth. et Müll. Hal., Jaffueliobryum Thér., Ptychomitriopsis Dixon, Ptychomitrium Fürnr.

Family 3. Seligeriaceae Schimp.

Blindia Bruch et Schimp., Brachydontium Fürnr., Hymenolomopsis Thér., Notothamia R. Ochyra et R.D. Seppelt, Seligeria Bruch et Schimp., Trochobryum Breidl. et Beck, Valdonia Ochyra

Order j. Archidiales Limpr.

Family 1. Archidiaceae Schimp.

Archidium Brid.

Order k. Dicranales H. Philib. ex M. Fleisch.

Family 1. Fissidentaceae Schimp.

Fissidens Hedw.

Family 2. Hypodontiaceae Stech et W. Frey

Hypodontium Müll. Hal.

Family 3. Eustichiaceae Broth.

Eustichia (Brid.) Brid.

Family 4. Ditrichaceae Limpr.

Astomiopsis Müll. Hal., Bryomanginia Thér., Ceratodon Brid., Cheilothela Broth., Chrysoblastella R.S. Williams, Cladastomum Müll. Hal., Cleistocarpidium Ochyra et Bednarek-Ochyra, Crumuscus W.R. Buck et Snider, Cygniella H.A. Crum, Distichium Bruch et Schimp., Ditrichopsis Broth., Ditrichum Hampe, Eccremidium Hook. f. et Wilson, Garckea Müll. Hal., Kleioweisiopsis Dixon, Pleuriditrichum A.L. Andrews et F.J. Herm., Pleuridium Rabenh., Rhamphidium Mitt., Saelania Lindb., Skottsbergia Cardot, Strombulidens W.R. Buck, Trichodon Schimp., Tristichium Müll. Hal., Wilsoniella Müll. Hal.

Family 5. Bruchiaceae Schimp.

Bruchia Schwägr., Cladophascum Sim, Eobruchia W.R. Buck, Pringleella Cardot, Trematodon Michx.

Family 6. Rhachitheciaceae H. Rob.

Hypnodontopsis Z. Iwats. et Nog., Jonesiobryum B.H. Allen et Pursell, Rhachitheciopsis P. de la Varde, Rhachithecium Le Jolis, Tisserantiella P. de la Varde, Uleastrum W.R. Buck, Zanderia Goffinet

Family 7. Erpodiaceae Broth.

Aulacopilum Wilson, Erpodium (Brid.) Brid., Solmsiella Müll. Hal., Venturiella Müll. Hal., Wildia Müll. Hal. et Broth.

Family 8. Schistostegaceae Schimp.

Schistostega D. Mohr

Family 9. Viridivelleraceae I.G. Stone

Viridivellus I.G. Stone

Family 10. Rhabdoweisiaceae Limpr.

Amphidium Schimp., Arctoa Bruch et Schimp., Cynodontium Schimp., Dichodontium Schimp., Dicranoweisia Milde, Glyphomitrium Brid., Holodontium (Mitt.) Broth., Hymenoloma Dusén, Kiaeria I. Hagen, Oncophorus (Brid.) Brid., Oreas Brid., Oreoweisia (Bruch et Schimp.) De Not., Pseudohyophila Hilp., Rhabdoweisia Bruch et Schimp., Symblepharis Mont., Verrucidens Cardot

Family 11. Dicranaceae Schimp.

Anisothecium Mitt., Aongstroemia Bruch et Schimp., Aongstroemiopsis M. Fleisch., Braunfelsia Paris, Brotherobryum M. Fleisch., Bryotestua Thér. et P. de la Varde, Camptodontium Dusén, Campylopodium (Müll. Hal.) Besch., Chorisodontium (Mitt.) Broth., Cnestrum I. Hagen, Cryptodicranum E.B. Bartram, Dicnemon Schwägr., Dicranella (Müll. Hal.) Schimp., Dicranoloma (Renauld) Renauld, Dicranum Hedw., Diobelonella Ochyra, Eucamptodon Mont., Eucamptodontopsis Broth., Holomitriopsis H. Rob., Holomitrium Brid., Hygrodicranum Cardot, Leptotrichella (Müll. Hal.) Lindb., Leucoloma Brid., Macrodictyum (Broth.) E.H. Hegew., Mesotus Mitt., Mitrobryum H. Rob., Muscoherzogia Ochyra, Orthodicranum (Bruch et Schimp.) Loeske, Paraleucobryum (Limpr.) Loeske, Parisia Broth., Platyneuron (Cardot) Broth., Pocsiella Bizot, Polymerodon Herzog, Pseudephemerum (Lindb.) I. Hagen, Pseudochorisodontium (Broth.) C.H. Gao, Vitt, X.H. Fu et T. Cao, Schliephackea Müll. Hal., Sclerodontium Schwägr., Sphaerothecium Hampe, Steyermarkiella H. Rob., Wardia Harv. et Hook., Werneriobryum Herzog

Family 12. Micromitriaceae Smyth ex Goffinet et Budke

Micromitrium Austin

Family 13. Leucobryaceae Schimp.

Atractylocarpus Mitt., Brothera Müll. Hal., Bryohumbertia P. de la Varde et Thér., Campylopodiella Cardot, Campylopus Brid., Cladopodanthus Dozy et Molk., Dicranodontium Bruch et Schimp., Leucobryum Hampe, Microcampylopus (Müll. Hal.) Fleisch., Ochrobryum Mitt., Pilopogon Brid., Schistomitrium Dozy et Molk.

Family 14. Calymperaceae Kindb.

Arthrocormus Dozy et Molk., Calymperes Sw., Exodictyon Cardot, Exostratum L.T. Ellis, Leucophanes Brid., Mitthyridium H. Rob., Octoblepharum Hedw., Syrrhopodon Schwägr.

Order l. Pottiales M. Fleisch.

Family 1. Pottiaceae Schimp.

Acaulon Müll. Hal., Acaulonopsis R.H. Zander et Hedd., Algaria Hedd. et R.H. Zander, Aloina (Müll.Hal) Kindb., Aloinella Cardot, Andina J.A. Jiménez et M.J. Cano, Anoectangium Schwägr., Aschisma Lindb., Barbula Hedw., Bellibarbula P.C. Chen, Bryoceuthospora H.A. Crum et L.E. Anderson, Bryoerythrophyllum P.C. Chen, Calymperastrum I.G. Stone, Calyptopogon (Mitt.) Broth., Chenia R.H. Zander, Chionoloma Dixon, Cinclidotus P. Beauv., Crossidium Jur., Crumia W.B. Schofield, Dialytrichia (Schimp.) Limpr., Didymodon Hedw., Dolotortula R.H. Zander, Ephemerum Schimp., Erythrophyllopsis Broth., Eucladium Bruch et Schimp., Exobryum R.H. Zander, Fuscobryum R.H. Zander, Ganguleea R.H. Zander, Geheebia Schimp., Gertrudiella Broth., Globulinella Steere, Guerramontesia M.J. Cano, J.A. Jiménez, M.T. Gallego et J.F. Jiménez Gymnostomiella M. Fleisch., Gymnobarbula J. Kučera, Gymnostomum Nees et Hornsch., Gyroweisia Schimp., Hennediella Paris, Hilpertia R.H. Zander, Hydrogonium (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger, Hymenostyliella E.B. Bartram, Hymenostylium Brid., Hyophila Brid., Hyophiladelphus (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander, Indopottia A.E.D. Daniels, R.D.A. Raja et P. Daniels, Lazarenkia M.F. Boiko, Leptobarbula Schimp., Leptodontiella R.H. Zander et E.H. Hegew., Leptodontium (Müll. Hal.) Lindb., Ludorugbya Hedd. et R.H. Zander, Luisierella Thér. et P. de la Varde, Microbryum Schimp., Mironia R.H. Zander, Molendoa Lindb., Nanomitriopsis Cardot, Neophoenix R.H. Zander et During, Pachyneuropsis H.A. Mill., Phascopsis I.G. Stone, Picobryum R.H. Zander et Hedd., Plaubelia Brid., Pleurochaete Lindb., Pottiopsis Blockeel et A.J.E. Sm., Pseudocrossidium R.S. Williams, Pseudosymblepharis Broth., Pterygoneurum Jur., Quaesticula R.H. Zander, Reimersia P.C. Chen, Rhexophyllum Herzog, Sagenotortula R.H. Zander, Saitobryum R.H. Zander, Sarconeurum Bryhn, Scopelophila (Mitt.) Lindb., Splachnobryum Müll. Hal., Stegonia Venturi, Stonea R.H. Zander, Streblotrichum P. Beauv., Streptocalypta Müll. Hal., Streptopogon Mitt., Streptotrichum Herzog, Syntrichia Brid., Teniolophora W.D. Reese, Tetracoscinodon R. Br., Tetrapterum A. Jaeger, Timmiella (De Not.) Schimp., Tortella (Lindb.) Limpr., Tortula Hedw., Trachycarpidium Broth., Trachyodontium Steere, Trichostomopsis Card., Trichostomum Bruch, Triquetrella Müll. Hal., Tuerckheimia Broth., Uleobryum Broth., Vinealobryum R.H. Zander, Vrolijkheidia Hedd. et R.H. Zander, Weisiopsis Broth., Weissia Hedw., Weissiodicranum W.D. Reese, Willia Müll. Hal.

Family 2. Pleurophascaceae Broth.

Pleurophascum Lindb.

Family 3. Serpotortellaceae W.D. Reese et R.H. Zander

Serpotortella Dixon

Family 4. Mitteniaceae Broth.

Mittenia Lindb.

Subclass H6. Bryidae Engl.

Superorder H6a. Bryanae (Engl.) Goffinet et W.R. Buck

Order m. Splachnales (M. Fleisch.) Ochyra

Family 1. Splachnaceae Grev. et Arn.

Aplodon R. Br., Moseniella Broth., Splachnum Hedw., Tayloria Hook., Tetraplodon Bruch et Schimp., Voitia Hornsch.

Family 2. Meesiaceae Schimp.

Amblyodon P. Beauv., Leptobryum (Bruch et Schimp.) Wilson, Meesia Hedw., Neomeesia Deguchi, Paludella Brid.

Order n. Bryales Limpr.

Family 1. Catoscopiaceae Broth.

Catoscopium Brid.

Family 2. Pulchrinodaceae D. Quandt, N.E. Bell et Stech

Pulchrinodus B. H. Allen

Family 3. Bryaceae Schwägr.

Acidodontium Schwägr., Anomobryum Schimp., Brachymenium Schwägr., Bryum Hedw., Leptostomopsis (Müll. Hal.) J.R. Spence et H.P. Ramsay, Mniobryoides Hörmann, Ochiobryum J.R. Spence et H.P. Ramsay, Osculatia De Not., Perssonia Bizot, Ptychostomum Hornsch., Rhodobryum (Schimp.) Limpr., Roellobryon R. Ochyra, Rosulabryum J.R. Spence

Family 4. Phyllodrepaniaceae Crosby

Mniomalia Müll. Hal., Phyllodrepanium Crosby

Family 5. Pseudoditrichaceae Steere et Z. Iwats.

Pseudoditrichum Steere et Z. Iwats.

Family 6. Mniaceae Schwägr.

Cinclidium Sw., Cyrtomnium Holmen, Epipterygium Lindb., Leucolepis Lindb., Mielichhoferia Nees et Hornsch., Mnium Hedw., Orthomnion Wilson, Plagiomnium T.J. Kop., Pohlia Hedw., Pseudobryum (Kindb.) T.J. Kop., Pseudopohlia R.S. Williams, Rhizomnium (Broth.) T.J. Kop., Schizymenium Harv., Synthetodontium Cardot, Trachycystis T.J. Kop.

Family 7. Leptostomataceae Schwägr.

Leptostomum R. Br.

Order o. Bartramiales D. Quandt, N.E. Bell et Stech

Family 1. Bartramiaceae Schwägr.

Anacolia Schimp., Bartramia Hedw., Breutelia (Bruch et Schimp.) Schimp., Conostomum Sw., Fleischerobryum Loeske, Flowersia D.G. Griffin et W.R. Buck, Leiomela (Mitt.) Broth., Neosharpiella H. Rob. et Delgad., Philonotis Brid., Plagiopus Brid.

Order p. Orthotrichales Dixon

Family 1. Orthotrichaceae Arn.

Cardotiella Vitt, Ceuthotheca Lewinsky, Codonoblepharon Schwägr., Desmotheca Lindb., Florschuetziella Vitt, Groutiella Steere, Leiomitrium Mitt., Leratia Broth. et Paris, Macrocoma (Müll. Hal.) Grout, Macromitrium Brid., Matteria Goffinet, Orthotrichum Hedw., Pentastichella Müll. Hal., Pleurorthotrichum Broth., Schlotheimia Brid., Sehnemobryum Lewinsky-Haapasaari et Hedenäs, Stoneobryum D.H. Norris et H. Rob., Ulota D. Mohr, Zygodon Hook. et Taylor

Order q. Hedwigiales Ochyra

Family 1. Hedwigiaceae Schimp.

Braunia Bruch et Schimp., Bryowijkia Nog., Hedwigia P. Beauv., Hedwigidium Bruch et Schimp., Pseudobraunia (Lesq. et James) Broth.

Family 2. Helicophyllaceae Broth.

Helicophyllum Brid.

Family 3. Rhacocarpaceae Kindb.

Pararhacocarpus Frahm, Rhacocarpus Lindb.

Order r. Rhizogoniales (M. Fleisch.) Goffinet et W.R. Buck

Family 1. Rhizogoniaceae Broth.

Calomnion Hook. f. et Wilson, Cryptopodium Brid., Goniobryum Lindb., Pyrrhobryum Mitt., Rhizogonium Brid.

Family 2. Aulacomniaceae Schimp.

Aulacomnium Schwägr., Hymenodontopsis Herzog, Mesochaete Lindb.

Family 3. Orthodontiaceae Goffinet

Hymenodon Hook. f. et Wilson, Leptotheca Schwägr., Orthodontium Wilson, Orthodontopsis Ignatov et B.C. Tan

Superorder H6b. Hypnanae W.R. Buck, Goffinet et A.J. Shaw

Order s. Hypnodendrales N.E. Bell, A.E. Newton et D. Quandt

Family 1. Braithwaiteaceae N.E. Bell, A.E. Newton et D. Quandt

Braithwaitea Lindb.

Family 2. Racopilaceae Kindb.

Powellia Mitt., Powelliopsis Zanten, Racopilum P. Beauv., Timokoponenia Zanten.

Family 3. Pterobryellaceae (Broth.) W.R. Buck et Vitt

Cyrtopodendron M. Fleisch., Pterobryella (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger, Sciadocladus Lindb. ex Kindb.

Family 4. Hypnodendraceae Broth.

Bescherellia Duby, Cyrtopus (Brid.) Hook. f., Dendro-hypnum Hampe, Franciella Thér., Hypnodendron (Müll. Hal.) Mitt., Mniodendron Lindb. ex Dozy et Molk., Spiridens Nees, Touwiodendron N.E. Bell, A.E. Newton et D. Quandt

Order t. Ptychomniales W.R. Buck, C.J. Cox, A.J. Shaw et Goffinet

Family 1. Ptychomniaceae M. Fleisch.

Cladomnion Hook. f. et Wilson, Cladomniopsis M. Fleisch., Dichelodontium Broth., Endotrichellopsis During, Euptychium Schimp., Garovaglia Endl., Glyphotheciopsis Pedersen et A.E. Newton, Glyphothecium Hampe, Hampeella Müll. Hal., Ombronesus N.E. Bell, Pedersen et A.E. Newton, Ptychomniella (Broth.) W.R. Buck, C.J. Cox, A.J. Shaw et Goffinet, Ptychomnion (Hook. f. et Wilson) Mitt., Tetraphidopsis Broth. et Dixon

Order u. Hookeriales M. Fleisch.

Family 1. Hypopterygiaceae Mitt.

Arbusculohypopterygium Stech, T. Pfeiffer et W. Frey, Canalohypopterygium W. Frey et Schaepe, Catharomnion Hook. f. et Wilson, Cyathophorum P. Beauv., Dendrocyathophorum Dixon, Dendrohypopterygium Kruijer, Hypopterygium Brid., Lopidium Hook. f. et Wilson

Family 2. Saulomataceae W.R. Buck, C.J. Cox, A.J. Shaw et Goffinet

Ancistrodes Hampe, Sauloma (Hook. f. et Wilson) Mitt., Vesiculariopsis Broth.

Family 3. Daltoniaceae Schimp.

Achrophyllum Vitt et Crosby, Adelothecium Mitt., Beeveria Fife, Benitotania H. Akiyama, T. Yamag. et Suleiman, Bryobrothera Thér., Calyptrochaeta Desv., Crosbya Vitt, Daltonia Hook. et Taylor, Distichophyllidium M. Fleisch., Distichophyllum Dozy et Molk., Ephemeropsis K.I. Goebel, Leskeodon Broth., Leskeodontopsis Zanten, Metadistichophyllum Nog. et Z. Iwats.

Family 4. Schimperobryaceae W.R. Buck, C.J. Cox, A.J. Shaw et Goffinet.

Schimperobryum Margad.

Family 5. Hookeriaceae Schimp.

Crossomitrium Müll. Hal., Hookeria Sm.

Family 6. Leucomiaceae Broth.

Leucomium Mitt., Rhynchostegiopsis Müll. Hal., Tetrastichium (Mitt.) Cardot

Family 7. Pilotrichaceae Kindb.

Actinodontium Schwägr., Amblytropis (Mitt.) Broth., Brymela Crosby et B.H. Allen, Callicostella (Müll. Hal.) Mitt., Callicostellopsis Broth., Cyclodictyon Mitt., Diploneuron E.B. Bartram, Helicoblepharum (Mitt.) Broth., Hemiragis (Brid.) Besch., Hookeriopsis (Besch.) A. Jaeger, Hypnella (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger, Lepidopilidium (Müll. Hal.) Broth., Lepidopilum (Brid.) Brid., Neohypnella E.B. Bartram, Philophyllum Müll. Hal., Pilotrichidium Besch., Pilotrichum P. Beauv., Stenodesmus (Mitt.) A. Jaeger, Stenodictyon (Mitt.) A. Jaeger, Thamniopsis (Mitt.) M. Fleisch., Trachyxiphium W.R. Buck

Order v. Hypnales (M. Fleisch.) W.R. Buck et Vitt

Family 1. Rutenbergiaceae M. Fleisch.

Neorutenbergia Bizot et Pócs, Pseudocryphaea Broth., Rutenbergia Besch.

Family 2. Trachylomataceae W.R. Buck et Vitt

Trachyloma Brid.

Family 3. Rhizofabroniaceae Huttunen, Ignatov, D. Quandt et Hedenäs.

Rhizofabronia (Broth.) Fleisch.

Family 4. Fontinalaceae Schimp.

Brachelyma Cardot, Dichelyma Myrin, Fontinalis Hedw.

Family 5. Climaciaceae Kindb.

Climacium F. Weber et D. Mohr, Pleuroziopsis E. Britton

Family 6. Amblystegiaceae G. Roth

Amblystegium Schimp., Anacamptodon Brid., Bryostreimannia Ochyra, Campyliadelphus (Kindb.) R.S. Chopra, Campylium (Sull.) Mitt., Conardia H. Rob., Cratoneuron (Sull.) Spruce, Cratoneuropsis (Broth.) M. Fleisch., Drepanocladus (Müll. Hal.) G. Roth, Gradsteinia Ochyra, Hygroamblystegium Loeske, Hygrohypnella Ignatov et Ignatova, Hygrohypnum Lindb., Hypnobartlettia Ochyra, Koponenia Ochyra, Leptodictyum (Schimp.) Warnst., Limbella (Müll. Hal.) Müll. Hal., Limprichtia Loeske, Ochyraea Váňa, Palustriella Ochyra, Pictus C.C. Towns., Pseudoamblystegium Vanderpoorten et Hedenäs, Pseudo-calliergon (Limpr.) Loeske, Pseudocampylium Vanderpoorten et Hedenäs, Pseudohygrohypnum Kanda, Sanionia Loeske, Sasaokaea Broth., Sciaromiella Ochyra, Sciaromiopsis Broth., Scorpidium (Schimp.) Limpr., Sinocalliergon Sakurai, Serpoleskea (Limpr.) Loeske, Vittia Ochyra

Family 7. Calliergonaceae Vanderpoorten, Hedenäs, C.J. Cox et A.J. Shaw.

Calliergon (Sull.) Kindb., Hamatocaulis Hedenäs, Loeskypnum H.K.G. Paul, Straminergon Hedenäs, Warnstorfia Loeske

Family 8. Helodiaceae Ochyra

Actinothuidium (Besch.) Broth., Bryochenea C.H. Gao et K.C. Chang, Helodium Warnst.

Family 9. Leskeaceae Schimp.

Claopodium (Lesq. et James) Renauld et Cardot, Fabronidium Müll. Hal., Haplocladium (Müll. Hal.) Müll. Hal., Hylocomiopsis Cardot, Leptocladium Broth., Leptopterigynandrum Müll. Hal., Lescuraea Bruch et Schimp., Leskea Hedw., Leskeadelphus Herzog, Leskeella (Limpr.) Loeske, Lindbergia Kindb., Mamillariella Laz., Orthoamblystegium Dixon et Sakurai, Platylomella A.L. Andrews, Pseudoleskea Bruch et Schimp., Pseudoleskeella Kindb., Pseudoleskeopsis Broth., Ptychodium Schimp., Rigodiadelphus Dixon, Rozea Besch., Schwetschkea Müll. Hal.

Family 10. Thuidiaceae Schimp.

Abietinella Müll. Hal., Boulaya Cardot, Cyrto-hypnum (Hampe) Hampe et Lorentz, Fauriella Besch., Pelekium Mitt., Rauiella Reimers, Thuidiopsis (Broth.) M. Fleisch., Thuidium Bruch et Schimp.

Family 11. Regmatodontaceae Broth.

Regmatodon Brid., Yunnanobryon Shevock, Ochyra, S. He et D.G. Long

Family 12. Stereophyllaceae W.R. Buck et Ireland

Catagoniopsis Broth., Entodontopsis Broth., Eulacophyllum W.R. Buck et Ireland, Juratzkaea Lorentz, Pilosium (Müll. Hal.) M. Fleisch., Sciuroleskea Broth., Stenocarpidium Müll. Hal., Stereophyllum Mitt.

Family 13. Brachytheciaceae G. Roth.

Aerobryum Dozy et Molk., Aerolindigia M. Menzel, Brachytheciastrum Ignatov et Huttunen, Brachythecium Schimp., Bryhnia Kaurin, Bryoandersonia H. Rob., Cirriphyllum Grout, Clasmatodon Hook. f. et Wilson, Donrichardsia H.A. Crum et L.E. Anderson, Eriodon Mont., Eurhynchiadelphus Ignatov et Huttunen, Eurhynchiastrum Ignatov et Huttunen, Eurhynchiella M. Fleisch., Eurhynchium Bruch et Schimp., Flabellidium Herzog, Frahmiella Ignatov, Y.F. Wang et Vanderpoorten, Hedenaesia Huttunen et Ignatov, Hedenasiastrum Ignatov et Vanderpoorten, Helicodontium Schwägr., Homalotheciella (Cardot) Broth., Homalothecium Schimp., Juratzkaeella W.R. Buck, Kindbergia Ochyra, Lindigia Hampe, Mandoniella Herzog, Meteoridium (Müll. Hal.) Manuel, Microeurhynchium Ignatov et Vanderpoorten, Myuroclada Besch., Nobregaea Hedenäs, Okamuraea Broth., Oxyrrhynchium (Schimp.) Warnst., Palamocladium Müll. Hal., Plasteurhynchium Broth., Platyhypnidium M. Fleisch., Pseudopleuropus Takaki, Pseudorhynchostegiella Ignatov et Vanderpoorten, Pseudoscleropodium (Limpr.) M. Fleisch., Remyella Müll. Hal., Rhynchostegiella (Schimp.) Limpr., Rhynchostegium Bruch et Schimp., Sainthelenia Ignatov et M. Wigginton, Schimperella Thér., Sciuro-hypnum (Hampe) Hampe, Scleropodium Bruch et Schimp., Scorpiurium Schimp., Squamidium (Müll. Hal.) Broth., Stenocarpidiopsis M. Fleisch., Tomenthypnum Loeske, Zelometeorium Manuel

Family 14. Meteoriaceae Kindb.

Aerobryidium M. Fleisch., Aerobryopsis M. Fleisch., Barbella M. Fleisch., Barbellopsis Broth., Chrysocladium M. Fleisch., Cryptopapillaria M. Menzel, Diaphanodon Renauld et Cardot, Duthiella Renauld, Floribundaria M. Fleisch., Lepyrodontopsis Broth., Meteoriopsis Broth., Meteorium (Brid.) Dozy et Molk., Neodicladiella W.R. Buck, Neonoguchia S.H. Lin, Pseudospiridentopsis (Broth.) M. Fleisch., Pseudotrachypus P. de la Varde et Thér., Sinskea W.R. Buck, Toloxis W.R. Buck, Trachycladiella (M. Fleisch.) M. Menzel et W. Schultze-Motel, Trachypodopsis M. Fleisch., Trachypus Reinw. et Hornsch.

Family 15. Myriniaceae Schimp.

Austinia Müll. Hal., Macgregorella E.B. Bartram, Merrilliobryum Broth., Myrinia Schimp., Nematocladia W.R. Buck

Family 16. Fabroniaceae Schimp.

Dimerodontium Mitt., Fabronia Raddi, Ischyrodon Müll. Hal., Levierella Müll. Hal.

Family 17. Hypnaceae Schimp.

Acritodon H. Rob., Andoa Ochyra, Austrohondaella Z. Iwats., H.P. Ramsay et Fife, Bardunovia Ignatov et Ochyra, Breidleria Loeske, Bryocrumia L.E. Anderson, Buckiella Ireland, Callicladium H.A. Crum, Calliergonella Loeske, Campylophyllopsis W.R. Buck, Campylophyllum (Schimp.) M. Fleisch., Caribaeohypnum Ando et Higuchi, Chryso-hypnum (Hampe) Hampe, Crepidophyllum Herzog, Ctenidiadelphus M. Fleisch., Cyathothecium Dixon, Dacryophyllum Ireland, Ectropotheciella M. Fleisch., Ectropotheciopsis (Broth.) M. Fleisch., Ectropothecium Mitt., Elharveya H.A. Crum, Elmeriobryum Broth., Entodontella M. Fleisch., Eurohypnum Ando, Foreauella Dixon et P. de la Varde, Gammiella Broth., Giraldiella Müll. Hal., Gollania Broth., Hageniella Broth., Homomallium (Schimp.) Loeske, Hondaella Dixon et Sakurai, Horridohypnum W.R. Buck, Hyocomium Bruch et Schimp., Hypnum Hedw., Irelandia W.R. Buck, Leiodontium Broth., Leptoischyrodon Dixon, Macrothamniella M. Fleisch., Mahua W.R. Buck, Microctenidium M. Fleisch., Mittenothamnium Henn., Nanothecium Dixon et P. de la Varde, Phyllodon Bruch et Schimp., Plagiotheciopsis Broth., Platygyriella Cardot, Podperaea Z. Iwats. et Glime, Pseudohypnella (M. Fleisch.) Broth., Ptilium De Not., Pylaisia Schimp., Rhacopilopsis Renauld et Cardot, Rhizohypnella M. Fleisch., Sclerohypnum Dixon, Stenotheciopsis Broth., Stereodon (Brid.) Mitt., Stereodontopsis R.S. Williams, Syringothecium Mitt., Taxiphyllopsis Higuchi et Deguchi, Taxiphyllum M. Fleisch., Vesicularia (Müll. Hal.) Müll. Hal., Wijkiella Bizot et Lewinsky

Family 18. Catagoniaceae W.R. Buck et Ireland

Catagonium Broth.

Family 19. Pterigynandraceae Schimp.

Habrodon Schimp., Heterocladium Bruch et Schimp., Iwatsukiella W.R. Buck et H.A. Crum, Myurella Bruch et Schimp., Pterigynandrum Hedw., Trachyphyllum A. Geep

Family 20. Hylocomiaceae M. Fleisch.

Ctenidium Mitt., Hylocomiastrum Broth., Hylocomium Bruch et Schimp., Leptocladiella M. Fleisch., Leptohymenium Schwägr., Loeskeobryum Broth., Macrothamnium M. Fleisch., Meteoriella S. Okamura, Neodolichomitra Nog., Orontobryum M. Fleisch., Pleurozium Mitt., Puiggariopsis M. Menzel, Rhytidiadelphus (Limpr.) Warnst., Rhytidiopsis Broth., Schofieldiella W.R. Buck

Family 21. Rhytidiaceae Broth.

Rhytidium (Sull.) Kindb.

Family 22. Symphyodontaceae M. Fleisch.

Chaetomitriopsis M. Fleisch., Chaetomitrium Dozy et Molk., Dimorphocladon Dixon, Symphyodon Mont., Trachythecium M. Fleisch., Unclejackia Ignatov, T. Kop. et D. Norris

Family 23. Plagiotheciaceae M. Fleisch.

Herzogiella Broth., Isopterygiopsis Z. Iwats., Myurella Bruch et Schimp., Orthothecium Bruch et Schimp., Plagiothecium Bruch et Schimp., Platydictya Berk., Pseudotaxiphyllum Z. Iwats., Rectithecium Hedenäs et Huttunen, Struckia Müll. Hal.

Family 24. Entodontaceae Kindb.

Entodon Müll. Hal., Erythrodontium Hampe, Mesonodon Hampe, Pylaisiobryum Broth.

Family 25. Pylaisiadelphaceae Goffinet et W.R. Buck

Aptychella (Broth.) Herzog, Brotherella M. Fleisch., Clastobryopsis M. Fleisch., Clastobryum Dozy et Molk., Heterophyllium (Schimp.) Kindb., Isocladiella Dixon, Isocladiellopsis B. Tan, T.J. Kop. et D.H. Norris, Isopterygium Mitt., Mastopoma Cardot, Platygyrium Bruch et Schimp., Pterogonidium Broth., Pseudotrismegistia H. Akiyama et Tsubota, Pylaisiadelpha Cardot, Taxitheliella Dixon, Taxithelium Mitt., Trismegistia (Müll. Hal.) Müll. Hal., Wijkia H.A. Crum, Yakushimabryum H. Akiyama, Y. Chang, Yamagushi et B.C. Tan.

Family 26. Sematophyllaceae Broth.

Acanthorrhynchium M. Fleisch., Acroporium Mitt., Allioniellopsis Ochyra, Aptychopsis (Broth.) M. Fleisch., Chionostomum Müll. Hal., Clastobryella M. Fleisch., Clastobryophilum M. Fleisch., Colobodontium Herzog, Donnellia Austin, Hydropogon Brid., Hydropogonella Cardot, Macrohymenium Müll. Hal., Meiotheciella B.C. Tan, W.B. Schofield et H.P. Ramsay, Meiothecium Mitt., Papillidiopsis (Broth.) W.R. Buck et B.C. Tan, Paranapiacabaea W.R. Buck et Vital, Potamium Mitt., Pterogoniopsis Müll. Hal., Piloecium (Müll. Hal.) Broth., Radulina W.R. Buck et B.C. Tan, Rhaphidostichum M. Fleisch., Schraderella Müll. Hal., Schroeterella Herzog, Sematophyllum Mitt., Timotimius W.R. Buck, Trichosteleum Mitt., Trolliella Herzog, Warburgiella Müll. Hal.

Family 27. Cryphaeaceae Schimp.

Cryphaea D. Mohr, Cryphaeophilum M. Fleisch., Cryphidium (Mitt.) A. Jaeger, Cyptodon (Broth.) M. Fleisch., Cyptodontopsis Dixon, Dendroalsia E. Britton, Dendrocryphaea Broth., Dendropogonella E. Britton, Pilotrichopsis Besch., Schoenobryum Dozy et Molk., Sphaerotheciella M. Fleisch.

Family 28. Prionodontaceae Broth.

Prionodon Müll. Hal.

Family 29. Leucodontaceae Schimp.

Antitrichia Brid., Dozya Sande Lac., Eoleucodon H.A. Mill. et H. Whittier, Leucodon Schwägr., Nogopterium Crosby et W.R. Buck, Pterogoniadelphus M. Fleischer, Scabridens E.B. Bartram

Family 30. Pterobryaceae Kindb.

Calyptothecium Mitt., Cryptogonium (Müll. Hal.) Hampe, Henicodium (Müll. Hal.) Kindb., Hildebrandtiella Müll. Hal., Jaegerina Müll. Hal., Micralsopsis W.R. Buck, Muellerobryum M. Fleisch., Neolindbergia M. Fleisch., Orthorrhynchidium Renauld et Cardot, Orthostichidium Dusén, Orthostichopsis Broth., Osterwaldiella Broth., Penzigiella M. Fleisch., Pireella Cardot, Pseudocryptogonium Akiyama et B.C. Tan, Pseudopterobryum Broth., Pterobryidium Broth. et Watts, Pterobryon Hornsch., Pterobryopsis M. Fleisch., Renauldia Müll. Hal., Rhabdodontium Broth., Spiridentopsis Broth., Symphysodon Dozy et Molk., Symphysodontella M. Fleisch.

Family 31. Phyllogoniaceae Kindb.

Phyllogonium Brid.

Family 32. Orthorrhynchiaceae S.H. Lin

Orthorrhynchium Reichardt

Family 33. Lepyrodontaceae Broth.

Lepyrodon Hampe

Family 34. Neckeraceae Schimp.

Alleniella S. Olsson, Enroth et D. Quandt, Baldwiniella M. Fleisch., Bryolawtonia D.H. Norris et Enroth, Caduciella Enroth, Circulifolium S. Olsson, Enroth et D. Quandt, Crassiphyllum Ochyra, Cryptoleptodon Renauld et Cardot, Curvicladium Enroth, Dixonia Horik. et Ando, Dolichomitra Broth., Echinodiopsis S. Olsson, Enroth et D. Quandt, Exsertotheca S. Olsson, Enroth et D. Quandt, Handeliobryum Broth., Himantocladium (Mitt.) M. Fleisch., Homalia (Brid.) Bruch et Schimp., Homaliodendron M. Fleisch., Hydrocryphaea Dixon, Isodrepanium (Mitt.) E. Britton, Metaneckera Steere, Neckera Hedw., Neckeropsis Reichardt, Neomacounia Ireland, Noguchiodendron Ninh et Pócs, Orthostichella Müll. Hal., Pendulothecium Enroth et S. He, Pinnatella M. Fleisch., Porotrichodendron M. Fleisch., Porotrichopsis Broth. et Herzog, Porotrichum (Brid.) Hampe, Shevockia Enroth et Ji, Thamnobryum Nieuwl., Thamnomalia S. Olsson, Enroth et D. Quandt, Touwia Ochyra

Family 35. Echinodiaceae Broth.

Echinodium Jur.

Family 36. Leptodontaceae Schimp.

Alsia Sull., Forsstroemia Lindb., Leptodon D. Mohr, Taiwanobryum Nog.

Family 37. Lembophyllaceae Broth.

Acrocladium Mitt., Bestia Broth., Camptochaete Reichardt, Dolichomitriopsis S. Okamura, Fallaciella H.A. Crum, Fifea H.A. Crum, Isothecium Brid., Lembophyllum Lindb., Looseria (Thér.) D. Quandt, S. Huttunen, Tangney et Stech, Neobarbella Nog., Pilotrichella (Müll. Hal.) Besch., Rigodium Schwägr., Tripterocladium (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger, Weymouthia Broth.

Family 38. Myuriaceae M. Fleisch.

Eumyurium Nog., Myurium Schimp., Oedicladium Mitt., Palisadula Toyama

Family 39. Anomodontaceae Kindb.

Anomodon Hook. et Taylor, Bryonorrisia L.R. Stark et W.R. Buck, Chileobryon Enroth, Curviramea H.A. Crum, Haplohymenium Dozy et Molk., Herpetineuron (Müll. Hal.) Cardot, Schwetschkeopsis Broth.

Family 40. Miyabeaceae Enroth, S. Olsson, Buchbender, Hedenäs, Huttunen et D. Quandt

Bissetia Broth., Homaliadelphus Dixon et P. de la Varde, Miyabea Broth.

Family 41. Theliaceae M. Fleisch.

Thelia Sull.

Family 42. Microtheciellaceae H.A. Mill. et A.J. Harr.

Microtheciella Dixon

Family 43. Sorapillaceae M. Fleisch.

Sorapilla Spruce et Mitt.

Division III. Anthocerotophyta Stotl. et Crand.-Stotl.

Class A. Leiosporocerotopsida Stotl. et Crand.-Stotl.

Order a. Leiosporocerotales Hässel

Family 1. Leiosporocerotaceae Hässel ex Ochyra

Leiosporoceros Hässel


Class B. Anthocerotopsida Jancz. ex Stotl. et Crand.-Stotl.

Subclass B1. Anthocerotidae Rosenv. corr. Prosk. emend Duff et al.

Order a. Anthocerotales Limpr. in Cohn.

Family 1. Anthocerotaceae Dumort. corr. Trevis. emend Hässel

Anthoceros L., Folioceros D.C. Bharadwaj, Sphaerosporoceros Hässel

Subclass B2. Notothylatidae Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill et Renzaglia

Order b. Notothyladales Hyvönen et Piippo

Family 1. Notothyladaceae (Milde) Müll. Frib. ex Prosk. emend. Hässel

Subfamily 1a. Notothylatoideae Grolle

Notothylas Sull. ex A. Gray

Subfamily 1b. Phaeocerotoideae Hässel

Phaeoceros Prosk., Paraphymatoceros Hässel, Hattorioceros (J. Haseg.) J. Haseg., Mesoceros Piippo

Subclass B3. Dendrocerotidae Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill et Renzaglia

Order c. Dendrocerotales Hässel emend. Duff et al.

Family 1. Dendrocerotaceae (Milde) Hässel emend Duff et al.

Subfamily 1a. Dendrocerotoideae R.M. Schust.

Dendroceros Nees, Megaceros Campbell, Nothoceros (R.M. Schust.) J. Haseg.

Subfamily 1b. Phaeomegacerotoideae Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill et Renzaglia

Phaeomegaceros Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill et Renzaglia

Order d. Phymatocerotales Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill et Renzaglia

Family 1. Phymatocerotaceae Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill et Renzaglia

Phymatoceros Stotler, Doyle et Crandall-Stotler emend. Duff et al.


Subkingdom β. Lycopodiobiotina Doweld

† Division IV. Langiophytophyta Doweld

† Class A. Langiophytopsida Doweld

† Order a. Lyonophytales Doweld

† Family 1. Lyonophytaceae Doweld

Lyonophyton Remy et Remy (incl. † Aglaophyton D.S. Edwards)

† Order b. Langiophytales Doweld

† Family 1. Langiophytaceae Doweld

Caia Fanning et al., † Horneophyton Bargh. et Darrah, † Hostinella Barrande ex D.R.J. Stur, † Langiophyton Remy et Hass., † Pectinophyton O.A. Høeg, † Salopella Edwards et Richardson,† Taeniocrada D. White,† Tarrantia Fanning et al.,† Tortilicaulis D.S. Edwards

† Division V. Rhyniophyta Cronq., Takht. et Zimmerm.

† Class A. Rhyniopsida Kryshtofovich

† Order a. Rhyniales Zimmerm.

† Family 1. Rhyniaceae Kidston et Lang

Huvenia Hass et W. Remy, † Rhynia Kidst. et W.H. Lang (incl. † Remyophyton Kerp et al.), † Sciadophyton Steinrnann emend. Krausel et. Weyland, † Stockmansella Fairon-Dem.

† Order b. Taeniocradales Němejc

† Family 1. Taeniocradaceae Němejc

Huia Geng

† Order c. Yarraviales Novák

† Family 1. Yarraviaceae Darrah († Hedeiaceae Němejc)

Yarravia Němejc (incl. † Hedeia Cookson)

† Order d. Cooksoniales Doweld

† Family 1. Cooksoniaceae H. Banks ex D. Edwards

Aberlemnia Gonez et Gerrienne, † Cooksonia W.H. Lang emend. Gonez et Gerrienne, † Uskiella Shute et D. Edwards, † Yunia S.G. Hao et C.B. Beck

† Family 2. Renaliaceae Doweld

Renalia Gensel., † Sartilmania Fairon-Dem.


† Class B. Trimerophytopsida A.S. Foster et Gifford

† Order a. Trimerophytales H. Banks ex S.V. Meyen

† Family 1. Trimerophytaceae Bierhorst

Euphyllophyton Hao et Beck, † Oocampsa H.N. Andrews, P.G. Gensel et A.E. Kasper (?), † Pauthecophyton J.Z. Xue, S.G.Hao, X. Zhu et D.M. Wang., † Psilophyton Dawson emend. Hueber et H.P. Banks, † Pertica Kasper et H.N Andrews, † Trimerophyton C.A. Hopping

† Division VI. Zosterophyllophyta H. Bold

† Class A. Zosterophyllopsida Foster et Gifford

† Order a. Zosterophyllales Bierhorst

† Family 1. Zosterophyllaceae Kräusel in Verdoorn

Zosterophyllum Penh., † Adoketophyton C.S. Li et D. Edwards, † Discalis S.G.Hao, † Distichophytum Mägd. (?), † Nothia Lyon ex El-Saadawy et Lacy

† Order b. Sawdoniales Kenrick et Crane

† Family 1. Hsueaceae Kenrick et Crane

Hsua De M.Wang, S.G. Hao et Q. Wang

† Family 2. Sawdoniaceae Kenrick et Crane

Sawdonia F.M. Hueber

† Family 3. Gosslingiaceae H. Banks in Drake

Gosslingia Heard


† Class B. Barinophytopsida S.V. Meyen

† Order a. Barinophytales Høeg ex Doweld

† Family 1. Barinophytaceae Høeg ex H. Banks

Barinophyton White emend. Brauer, † Protobarinophyton Brauer, † Krithodeophyton D. Edwards


Division VII. Lycopodiophyta Cronquist, Takht. et W. Zimm.

Class A. Lycopodiopsida Bartl.

Order a. Lycopodiales DC. ex Bercht. et J. Presl

Family 1. Lycopodiaceae P. Beauv. ex Mirb. in Lam. et Mirb. (incl. Huperziaceae Rothm., Phylloglosaceae G. Kunze)

Huperzia Bernh., Lycopodiella Holub, Lycopodium L., Phylloglossum Kunze, † Lycopodites Brongn., † Sagenaria Brongn.

† Family 2. Lycopodiopsidacea Chaloner in Boureau

Lycopodiopsis Renault

† Order b. Drepanophycales Pichi-Sermolli

† Family 1. Drepanophycaceae Kräusel et Weyland

Baragwanathia Lang et Cookson, † Drepanophycus Göppert

† Family 2. Asteroxylaceae Kidtson et Lang (incl. † Colpodexylaceae Němejc)

Asteroxylon Kidston et Lang, † Colpodexylon Banks, † Tastaephyton Senkevitsch

† Order c. Protolepidodendrales Koidzumi

† Family 1. Archaeosigillariaceae Koidzumi ex Nakai

Archaeosigillaria Lejal

† Family 2. Protolepidodendraceae Zimmerm.

Baragwanathia Lang et Cookson, † Leclercqia H. Banks, Bonamo et J. Grierson, † Protolepidodendron Krejči

† Family 3. Eleutherophyllaceae Kräusel et Weyl.

Eleutherophyllum Stur, † Zimmermannia W. Gothan et Zimmermann

† Family 4. Atasudendraceae (Jurina) Senkevitsch et Jurina

Atasudendron Senkevitsch et Jurina

† Family 5. Blasariaceae Senkevitsch (incl. † Barrandeinaceae Kräusel et Weyl.)

Barrandeina D.R.J. Stur, † Barrandeinopsis A.N. Kristofovic in M.A. Rzonsnickaja et V.S. Melescenko, † Blasaria Zalessky emend. Senkevitsch, † Broeggeria Nathorst, † Duisbergia R. Kräusel et H. Weyland

† Family 6. Jurinodendraceae Doweld ( † Cyclostigmataceae Gothan in Potonié)

Jurinodendron Doweld (Cyclostigma Baily)

† Family 7. Omphalophloiaceae Nakai ( † Pinakodendraceae Chaloner in Boureau)

Caenodendron M.D. Zalessky, † Omphalophloios Nakai, † Phialophloios Hörich, † Pinakodendron C.E. Weiss in C.E. Weiss et T. Sterzel, † Thaumasiodendron Boureau

† Family 8. Leptophloeaceae Kräusel et Weyl.

Leptophloeum J.W. Dawson, † Sajakia M.A. Senkevitsch

† Family 9. Lepidosigillariaceae Kräusel et Weyl.

Lepidosigillaria Kräusel et Weyl., † Libyaria A. Lejal-Nicol, † Prelepidodenron P. Danzé-Corsin

† Family 10. Sublepidodendraceae Kräusel et Weyl.

Prelepidodendropsis M.A. Senkevitsch in A.M. Grigor’eva et al., † Shundia A.L. Jurina, † Sublepidodendron A.G. Nathorst ex M. Hirmer, † Tancrea Puengeler


Class B. Isoëtopsida Rolle

Order a. Selaginellales Bartl.

Family 1. Selaginellaceae Willk.

Selaginella P. Beauv.

† Family 2. Kossoviellaceae Petrosjan

Kossoviella Petrosjan in Petrosjan et Kossovoj

† Family 3. Miadesmiaceae G.M. Smith

Miadesmia C.-E. Bertrand

† Order b. Lepidodendrales Stewart

† Family 1. Lepidodendraceae Endl. (incl. † Siggilariaceae Unger in Endl., † Flemingitaceae B. Thomas et Brack-Hanes)

Bothrodendron Hildreth, † Hizemodendron Bateman, † Lepidodendron Sternberg, † Lepidodendropsis Lutz, † Lepidophloios Sternberg et al., † Lepidostrobus Brongniart, † Maubasia Senkevitsch, † Paralycopodites Morey et Morey, † Sigillaria Brongniart, † Sporangiostrobus Bode, † Stigmaria Brongn., † Sublepidophloios Sterzel, † Ulodendron Lindl.

† Family 2. Diaphorodendraceae DiMichele et R. Bateman

Diaphorodendron DiMichele emend. DiMichele et Bateman.

† Family 3. Spenceritaceae B. Thomas et Brack-Hanes ex Doweld (≡ † Bothrodendraceae Potonié)

Arthrocladion Sauveur, † Bothrodendron Lindley et W. Hutton, † Bothrostrobus A.G. Nathorst ex M.D. Zalessky, † Spencerites D.H. Scott

† Family 4. Diplotegiaceae C.E.I. von Eichwald

Diplotegium Corda

† Family 5. Diploxylaceae Corda

Diploxylon Corda

† Family 6. Tessellariaceae C.E.I. von Eichwald

Tessellaria (W.P. Schimper et A. Mougeot) C.E.I. von Eichwald

† Order c. Pleuromeiales Zimmerm.

† Family 1. Pleuromeiaceae Potonié

Pleuromeia Neuburg.

Order d. Isoëtales Bartl.

† Family 1. Chaloneriaceae Pigg et G.W. Rothwell (incl. † Takhtajanodoxaceae N.S. Snigirevskaya)

Bodeodendron R.H. Wagner et E. Spinner, † Chaloneria Pigg et G.W. Rothwell, † Polysporia Newberry, † Sporangiostrobus Bode, † Takhtajanodoxa N.S. Snigirevskaya

† Family 2. Nathorstianaceae Němejc

Nathorstiana Richt.

† Family 3. Suavitasaceae J. Rice., G.W. Rothwell, G. Mapes et R.H. Mapes

Suavitas J. Rice., G.W. Rothwell, G. Mapes et R.H. Mapes

Family 4. Isoëtaceae Rchb.

Isoëtes L.

Subkingdom γ. Pteridobiotina Britton et A. Brown

Superdivision γ1. Pteridophytanae Doweld

Division VIII. Monilophyta Cantino et Donoghue

Class A. Psilotopsida D.H. Scott

Order a. Ophioglossales Link

Family 1. Ophioglossaceae Martinov

Cheiroglossa C. Presl, Botrychium Michx. (incl. Botrypus Michx., Sceptridium Lyon), Helminthostachys Kaulf., Mankyua B.Y. Sun, M.H. Kim et C.H. Kim, Ophioglossum L. (incl. Ophioderma (Blume) Endl.)

Order b. Psilotales Prantl

Family 1. Psilotaceae J.W.Griff. et Henfr. (incl. Timesipteridaceae Nakai)

Psilotum L., Tmesipteris Bernh.


Class B. Equisetopsida C. Agardh

Order a. Equisetales DC. ex Bercht.

† Family 1. Autophyllitaceae Nakai

Autophyllites Grand’Eury

† Family 2. Asterocalamitaceae Hirmer

Asterocalamites Schimper

† Family 3. Calamostachyaceae S.V. Meyen (incl. † Archaeocalamitaceae Stur, † Calamitaceae Unger, † Calamocarpaceae Doweld, † Kallostachyaceae Doweld)

Annularia Walton, † Archaeocalamites Stur, † Asterophyllites Brongniart, † Astromyelon Williams (incl. † Arthropitys Goepp.), † Calamites Stur, † Calamocarpon Baxter, † Calamostachys Schimper in Schimper et Schenk, † Cingularia C.E. Weiss, † Kallostachys Brush et Barghoorn, † Mazostachys Kosanke, † Paleostachya Presl in Sternberg (?)

† Family 4. Gondwanostachyaceae S.V. Meyen († Phyllothecaceae Gothan in Gürich)

Gondwanostachys S.V. Meyen, † Phyllotheca Brongiart

† Family 5. Tchernoviaceae S.V. Meyen

Tschernovia M.F. Neuburg, † Equisetinostachys Rassk.

† Family 6. Manchurostachyaceae Grauvogel-Stamm

Manchurostachys Kon’no

† Family 7. Konnostachyaceae Doweld († Neurophyllaceae Kon’no)

Konnostachys Doweld (Neurophyllum Kon’no)

† Family 8. Notocalamitaceae Rigby

Notocalamites Rigby

† Family 9. Echinostachyaceae Grauvogel-Stamm

Echinostachys Brongniart

Family 10. Equisetaceae Michx. ex DC.

Equisetum L., † Equisetites Sternberg (?)

† Order b. Pseudoborniales Nathorst.

† Family 1. Pseudoborniaceae Nathorst.

Pseudobornia Nathorst.

† Order c. Sphenophyllales Seward.

† Family 1. Sphenophyllaceae Brong. (incl. † Bowmanitaceae S.V. Meyen, † Cheirostrobaceae D.H. Scott, † Lilpopiaceae Lipiarski)

Bowmanites Binney, † Cheirostrobus D.H. Scott, † Lilpopia Conert et Schaarschmidt, † Mesidiophyton G.A. Leisman, † Rotularia Sternberg, † Sphenophyllum König

† Order d. Cladoxylales Zimmerm.

† Family 1. Cladoxylaceae Unger (incl. † Pseudosporochnaceae Hirmer in Wettst., † Steloxylaceae Arnold ex Doweld)

Cladoxylon Unger, † Pseudosporochnus (Stur) Potonié et Bernard, † Schizoxylon F.J.A.N. Unger in R. Richter et F.J.A.N. Unger, † Steloxylon Solms-Laubach, † Xenocladia Arnold

† Family 2. Iridopteridaceae Arnold (incl. † Arachnoxylaceae Arnold)

Arachnoxylon Read, † Iridopteris Arnold

† Family 3. Hyeniaceae Hirmer in Wettst. (incl. † Calamophytaceae Kräusel et Weyl. († Protohyeniaceae Nakai))

Hyenia Kräusel et Weyl., † Calamophyton Kräusel et Weyl.


Class C. Marattiopsida Doweld

Order a. Marattiales Link

† Family 1. Ptychocarpaceae Doweld

Ptychocarpus C. Weiss.

† Family 2. Asterothecaceae Sze Xingjian et LI Xing-xue (incl. Tieteaceae Němejc)

Asterotheca Gilbert, † Caulopteris Lindley et Hutton, † Pecopteris Göpp., † Psaronius Unger, † Scolecopteris (Zenker) Millay, † Tietea Mendes, † Trithecopteris D.D. Pant et L. Misra

Family 3. Marattiaceae Kaulf. (incl. Angiopteridaceae Fée ex Bommer, Christenseniaceae Ching, Danaceae C. Agardh.)

Angiopteris Hoffm., Christensenia Maxon ( Kaulfussia C. Presl), Danaea Smith, Eupodium J. Sm., Marattia Swartz, Ptisana Murdock

† Family 4. Weichseliaceae Zimmerm.

Weichselia Stiehler

† Order b. Zygopteridales Emberger

† Family 1. Zygopteridaceae P. Bertrand ex B. Sahni

Alloiopteris R. Potonié, † Asterochlaenopsis B. Sahni, † Austroclepsis B. Sahni, † Biscalitheca Mamay, † Brittsia D. White, † Clepsydropsis Unger, † Corynepteris Baily, † Diplolabis Renault, † Protoclepsydropsis Hirmer, † Symplocopteris Hueber et Galtier, † Yulebacaulis Tidwell et Rozefelds, † Zygopteris Williamson

† Family 2. Rhacophytaceae Krausel et Weyland

Rhacophyton Crép.

† Family 3. Tedeleaceae Eggert et T.N. Taylor (incl. † Senftenbergiaceae Reed)

Senftenbergia Corda, † Tedelea D.A. Eggert et T.N. Taylor

† Family 4. Psalixochlaenaceae Holmes (incl. † Anachoropteridaceae P. Bertrand, † Grammatopteridaceae Němejc)

Anachoropteris Corda, † Calopteris Corda, † Chorionepteris Corda, † Grammatopteris Renault, † Norwoodia G.W. Rothwell, † Protothamnopteris Beck, † Psalixochlaena H.S. Holden, † Selenochlaena Corda, † Sonapteris Pšenička, Bek et Rößler, † Tracheotheca Oliver, † Tubicaulis Cotta

† Family 5. Sermayaceae Eggert et Delevoryas (incl. † Neomariopteridaceae Doweld)

Doneggia G.W. Rothwell, † Neomariopteris P.K. Maithy (Damudopteris D.D. Pant et P.K. Khare), † Sermaya Eggert et Delevoryas

† Order c. Stauropteridales Emberger

† Family 1. Stauropteridaceae Posthumus (incl. † Urnatopteridaceae Doweld, † Crossothecaceae Doweld, † Discopteridaceae Doweld)

Crossotheca R. Zeiller, † Discopteris Stur., † Stauropteris E.W. Binney, † Gillespiea A.C. Smith, † Rowleya A.G. Long, † Urnatopteris R. Kidston,

† Family 2. Botryopteridiaceae Doweld ( † Botryopteridaceae Renault)

Botryopteridium Doweld (Botryopteris Renault), † Parabotryopteridium Doweld, † Primofilix Doweld


Class D. Polypodiopsida Cronquist, Takht. et Zimmerm

Order a. Osmundales Link

Family 1. Osmundaceae Martinov (incl. † Guaireaceae R. Herbst)

Anomopteris Brongniart, † Aurealcaulis W.D. Tidwell et L.R. Parker, † Chasmatopteris M.D. Zalessky, † Donwelliacaulis S.R. Ash, † Guairea R. Herbst, Leptopteris Blume, † Luneajonesii W.D. Tidwell, Osmunda L., † Osmundacaulis C.N. Miller, † Osmundacidites R.A. Couper, Osmundastrum C. Presl, † Osmundites Unger, Todea Bernh., † Osmundopsis T. M. Harris, † Paleosmunda Gould, † Thamnopteris (C. Presl) C. Presl, † Todites A. C. Seward, † Zalesskya R. Kidston et D.T. Gwynne-Vaughan

Order b. Hymenophyllales A.B. Frank in J. Leunis

Family 1. Hymenophyllaceae Mart. (incl. † Hymenophyllitaceae C. Presl in Sternb.)

Abrodictyum C. Presl, Callistopteris Copel., Cephalomanes C. Presl, Crepidomanes (C. Presl) C. Presl, Didymoglossum Desv., Hymenophyllum Sm., † Hymenophyllites Göppert, Polyphlebium Copel., Trichomanes L., Vandenboschia Copel.

Order c. Gleicheniales Schimp.

Family 1. Gleicheniaceae C. Presl (incl. † Oligocarpaceae Doweld)

Dicranopteris Bernh., Diplopterygium (Diels) Nakai, Gleichenia Smith, Gleichenella Ching, † Oligocarpia Göppert, Sticherus C. Presl, Stromatopteris Mettenius

Family 2. Dipteridaceae Seward et E. Dale (incl. † Camptopteridaceae Krassilov in M.N. Gramm et Krassilov, Cheiropleuriaceae Nakai)

Camptopteris K. B. Presl in Sternberg, Cheiropleuria C. Presl, † Clathropteris Brongniart, † Dictyophyllum Lindley et Hutton, Dipteris Reinwardt, † Goeppertella S. Ôishi et K. Yamasita, † Hausmannia Dunker (incl. † Protorhipis Andrae), † Taipingchangella Yang Xianhe, † Thaumatopteris Göppert

Family 3. Matoniaceae C. Presl

Matonia R. Br. ex Wall., Phanerosorus Copel.

Order d. Salviniales Bartl. in Mart.

† Family 1. Hydropteridiaceae Doweld ( † Hydropteridaceae Rothwell et Stockey)

Hydropteridium Doweld (Hydropteris Rothwell et Stockey non Kondinskaja), † Sagenopteris K.B. Presl in Sternberg

† Family 2. Heroleandraceae Krassilov et L.B. Golovneva

Heroleandra Krassilov et L.B. Golovneva

Family 3. Marsileaceae Mirb. in Lam. et Mirb

Marsilea L., Pilularia L., Regnellidium Lindm., † Regnellites Y. Toshihiro et M. Kato, † Rodeites Sahni

Family 4. Salviniaceae Martinov

Azolla Lam., Salvinia Ség.

Order e. Schizaeales Schimp.

† Family 1. Acrostichopteridaceae Reed

Acrostichopteris Fontaine, † Pelletieria Seward, † Schizaeopsis E.W. Berry

† Family 2. Tempskyaceae Reed

Tempskya Corda

† Family 3. Klukiaceae Reed

Klukia Andrz. ex DC., † Naktongia S. Ôishi, † Ruffordia A.C. Seward, † Schizaeopteris M. Stopes et Fujii

† Family 4. Cynepteridaceae S.R. Ash

Cynepteris S.R. Ash

Family 5. Lygodiaceae M. Roem.

Lygodium Sw.

Family 6. Schizaeaceae Kaulf.

Actinostachys Wallich, Schizaea Sm.

Family 7. Anemiaceae Link

Anemia Sw., † Protornithopteris C.F. Reed

Order f. Cyatheales A.B. Frank in J. Leunis

† Family 1. Tanydoraceae J. Skog

Tanydorus J. Skog

Family 2. Loxsomataceae C. Presl

Loxsoma R.Br. ex A. Cunn., Loxsomopsis Christ

Family 3. Plagiogyriaceae Bower

Plagiogyria (Kunze) Mett.

Family 4. Metaxyaceae Pic. Serm.

Metaxya C. Presl

Family 5. Dicksoniaceae M.R. Schomb. (incl. Lophosoriaceae Pic. Serm.)

Calochlaena (Maxon) M.D. Turner et R.A. White, Dicksonia L’Hér., Lophosoria C. Presl

Family 6. Thyrsopteridaceae C. Presl

Thyrsopteris Kunze

Family 7. Cyatheaceae Kaulf. (incl. Hymenophyllopsidaceae Pic. Serm.)

Alsophila R. Brown, † Alsophilocaulis C.A. Menéndez, † Cibotiocaulis Ogura, Cnemidaria Presl, Cyathea J. E. Smith (incl. Hymenophyllopsis Goebel), Gymnosphaera Blume, † Oguracaulis W.D. Tidwell, H. Nishida et N. Webster, Sphaeropteris Bernh.

Family 8. Culcitaceae Pic. Serm.

Culcita C. Presl

Family 9. Cibotiaceae Korall in A.R. Sm. et al.

Cibotium Kaulf.

Order g. Polypodiales Link

Family 1. Lonchitidaceae C. Presl ex M.R. Schomb.

Lonchitis L.

Family 2. Saccolomataceae Doweld et Reveal

Orthiopteris Copel., Saccoloma Kaulf.

Family 3. Cystodiaceae J.R. Croft

Cystodium J. Sm.

Family 4. Lindsaeaceae C. Presl ex M.R. Schomb.

Lindsaea Dryander ex Sm., Nesolindsaea Lehtonen et Christenh., Odontosoria Fée, Osmolindsaea (K.U. Kramer) Lehtonen et Christenh., Sphenomeris Maxon, Tapeinidium (C. Presl) C. Chr., Xyropteris K.U. Kramer

Family 5. Dennstaedtiaceae Lotsy

Blotiella Tryon, Dennstaedtia Bernh., Histiopteris (J. Agardh) J. Sm., Hypolepis Bernh., Leptolepia Prantl, Microlepia C. Presl, Monachosorum Kunze, Paesia St.-Hil., Oenotrichia Copel., Pteridium Gled. ex Scop.

Family 6. Pteridaceae E.D.M. Kirchn.

Subfamily 6a. Cryptogrammoideae S. Linds

Coniogramme Fée, Cryptogramma R. Br., Llavea Lag.

Subfamily 6b. Ceratopteridoideae (J. Sm.) R.M. Tryon

Acrostichum L., Ceratopteris Brongn.

Subfamily 6c. Pteridoideae C.Chr. ex Crabbe

Actiniopteris Link, Anogramma Link, Aspleniopsis Mett. ex Kuhn, Austrogramme E. Fourn., Cerosora (Baker) Domin, Cosentinia Todaro, Jamesonia Hook. et Grev., Nephopteris Lell., Onychium Kaulf., Pityrogramma Link, Pteris L., Pterozonium Fée, Syngramma J. Sm., Taenitis Willd. ex Schkuhr

Subfamily 6d. Cheilanthoideae W.C. Shieh

Adiantopsis Fée, Aleuritopteris Fée, Argyrochosma (J. Sm.) Windham, Aspidotis (Nutt. ex Hooker) Copel., Astrolepis D.M. Benham et Windham, Bommeria E. Fourn. in Baillon, Calciphilopteris Yesilyurt et H. Schneid., Cassebeera Kaulf., Cheilanthes Sw., Cheiloplecton Fée, Doryopteris J. Sm., Hemionitis L., Mildella Trev., Notholaena R. Br., Paraceterach Copel., Paragymnopteris K.H. Shing, Pellaea Link, Pentagramma Yatsk., Trachypteris André ex Christ, Tryonella Pic. Serm.

Subfamily 6e. Vittarioideae (C. Presl) Crabbe

Adiantum L., Ananthacorus Underw. et Maxon ex Maxon, Anetium Splitg., Antrophyum Kaulf., Haplopteris C. Presl, Hecistopteris J. Sm. in Benth., Monogramma Comm. ex Schkuhr, Polytaenium Desv., Radiovittaria (Benedict) E.H. Crane, Rheopteris Alston., Scoliosorus T. Moore, Vittaria Sm.

Family 7. Cystopteridaceae (Payer) Schmakov

Acystopteris Nakai, Cystoathyrium Ching, Cystopteris Bernh., Gymnocarpium Newman

Family 8. Aspleniaceae Newman

Asplenium L., Hymenasplenium Hayata

Family 9. Diplaziopsidaceae X.C. Zhang et Christenh.

Diplaziopsis C. Chr., Homalosorus Small ex Pic.Serm.

Family 10. Thelypteridaceae Ching ex Pic. Serm.

Cyclosorus Link, Macrothelypteris (H. Itô) Ching, Phegopteris (C. Presl) Fée, Pseudophegopteris Ching, Thelypteris Schmid.

Family 11. Woodsiaceae Herter

Cheilanthopsis Hieron., Hymenocystis C.A. Mey., Protowoodsia Ching, Woodsia R. Br.

Family 12. Rhachidosoraceae X.C. Zhang

Rhachidosorus Ching

Family 13. Onocleaceae Pic. Serm.

Matteuccia Tod., Onoclea L., Onocleopsis Ballard, Pentarhizidium Hayata

Family 14. Blechnaceae Newman

Blechnum L. (incl. Doodia R. Br.), Brainea J. Sm., Pteridoblechnum Hennipma, Sadleria Kaulf., Salpichlaena J. Sm, Steenisioblechnum Hennipman, Stenochlaena J. Sm., Woodwardia Sm. (incl. Lorinseria C. Presl)

Family 15. Athyriaceae Alston

Anisocampium C. Presl, Athyrium Roth, Cornopteris Nakai, Deparia Hooker et Grev., Diplazium Sw.

Family 16. Hypodematiaceae Ching

Didymochlaena Desv., Hypodematium Kunzea, Leucostegia C. Presl

Family 17. Dryopteridaceae Herter

Subfamily 17a. Dryopteridoideae B.K. Nayar

Acrophorus C. Presl, Acrorumohra (H. Itô) H. Itô in Nakai et Honda, Arachniodes Blume, Coveniella Tindale, Ctenitis (C. Chr.) C. Chr. in Tardieu et C. Chr., Cyrtogonellum Ching, Cyrtomidictyum Ching, Cyrtomium C. Presl, Diacalpe Blume, Dryopolystichum Copel., Dryopsis Holttum et P.J. Edwards, Dryopteris Adanson (incl. Adenoderris J. Sm. p.p., Revwattsia D.L. Jones, Stenolepia Alderw.), Leptorumohra (H. Itô) H. Itô in Nakai et Honda, Lithostegia Ching, Peranema D. Don, Phanerophlebia C. Presl, Polystichopsis (J. Sm.) Holttum, Polystichum A.W. Roth (incl. Adenoderris J. Sm. p.p.)

Subfamily 17b. Elaphoglossoideae (Pic. Serm.) Crabbe, Jermy et Mickel

Arthrobotrya J. Sm., Bolbitis Schott, Cyclodium C. Presl, Elaphoglossum Schott ex J. Sm., Lastreopsis Ching, Lomagramma J. Sm., Maxonia C. Chr., Megalastrum Holttum, Mickelia R.C. Moran, Olfersia Raddi, Polybotrya Humb. et Bonpl. ex Willd., Rumohra Raddi, Stigmatopteris C. Chr., Teratophyllum Mett. ex Kuhn

Family 18. Lomariopsidaceae Alston

Cyclopeltis J. Sm., Dracoglossum Christenhusz, Lomariopsis Fée, Thysanosoria Gepp in Gibbs

Family 19. Nephrolepidaceae Pic. Serm.

Nephrolepis Schott

Family 20. Tectariaceae Panigrahi

Aenigmopteris Holttum, Arthropteris J. Sm. in Hook. f., Hypoderris R. Br. ex Hooker, Pleocnemia C. Presl, Psammiosorus C. Chr., Psomiocarpa C. Presl, Pteridrys C. Chr. et Ching, Tectaria Cav., Triplophyllum Holttum, Wagneriopteris Á. Löve et D. Löve

Family 21. Oleandraceae Ching ex Pic. Serm

Oleandra Cav.

Family 22. Davalliaceae M.R. Schomb.

Araiostegia Copel., Davallia Sm., Humata Cav., Paradavallodes Ching,

Family 23. Polypodiaceae J. Presl et C. Presl.

Subfamily 23a. Loxogrammoideae H. Schneid.

Loxogramme (Blume) C.Presl (incl. Dictymia Sm.)

Subfamily 23b. Drynarioideae Crabbe, Jermy et Mickel

Aglaomorpha Schott, Arthromeris (T. Moore) J. Sm., Christiopteris Copel., Drynaria (Bory) J. Sm., Gymnogrammitis Griffith, Paraselliguea Hovenkamp, Phymatopteris Pic. Serm., Polypodiopteris C.F. Reed, Selliguea Bory

Subfamily 23c. Platycerioideae B.K. Nayar

Platycerium Desv., Pyrrosia Mirbel in Lam. et Mirbel

Subfamily 23d. Microsoroideae B.K. Nayar

Dendroconche Copel., Goniophlebium (Blume) C. Presl, Kaulinia Nayar, Kontumia S.K. Wu et P.K. Lôc, Lecanopteris Reinw., Lemmaphyllum C. Presl, Lepisorus (J. Sm.) Ching, Lepidomicrosorium Ching et K.H. Shing, Leptochilus Kaulf., Microsorum Link, Neocheiropteris Christ, Neolepisorus Ching, Paragramma (Blume) T. Moore, Phymatosorus Pic. Serm., Podosorus Holttum, Thylacopteris Kunze ex J. Sm., Tricholepidium Ching

Subfamily 23e. Polypodioideae B.K. Nayar

Acrosorus Copel., Adenophorus Gaudich., Calymmodon C. Presl, Campyloneurum C. Presl, Ceradenia L.E. Bishop, Chrysogrammitis Parris, Cochlidium Kaulfuss, Ctenopterella Parris, Dasygrammitis Parris, Enterosora Baker, Grammitis Sw., Lellingeria A.R. Sm. et R.C. Moran, Leucotrichum Labiak, Luisma M.T. Murillo et A.R. Sm., Melpomene A.R. Sm. et R.C. Moran, Microgramma C. Presl, Micropolypodium Hayata, Niphidium J. Sm., Oreogrammitis Copel., Pecluma M.G. Price, Phlebodium (R. Br.) J. Sm., Pleopeltis Humb. et Bonpl. ex Willd., Pleurosoriopsis Fomin, Polypodium L., Prosaptia C. Presl (incl. Ctenopteris Blume ex Kunze), Radiogrammitis Parris, Scleroglossum Alderw. (incl. Nematopteris Alderw.), Serpocaulon A.R. Sm., Synammia C. Presl, Terpsichore A.R. Sm., Themelium (T. Moore) Parris, Tomophyllum (E. Fourn.) Parris, Xiphopterella Parris, Zygophlebia L.E. Bishop

Family 24.Hemidictyaceae Christenh.

Hemidictyum C. Presl

Superdivision γ2. Cycadophytanae Doweld

† Division IX. Progymnospermophyta Bold et al.

† Class A. Progymnospermopsida Beck

† Order a. Aneurophytales Kräusel

† Family 1. Aneurophytaceae Ananiev (incl. Protokalonaceae Barnard et Long)

Aneurophyton Kräusel et Weyland, † Protokalon Scheckler et Banks, † Protopteridium Krejcí, † Sphenoxylon C.B. Read, † Tetraxylopteris C.B. Beck

† Order b. Cecropsidales Stubblefield et Rothwell

† Family 1. Cecropsidaceae Stubblefield et Rothwell

Cecropsis Stubblefield et Rothwell

† Order c. Protopityales Walton

† Family 1. Protopityaceae Smith

Protopitys Göppert

† Order d. Archaeopteridales Arnold

† Family 1. Archaeopteridaceae Nicholson et Lydekker

Actinopodium Høeg, † Actinoxylon Matten, † Archaeopteris Dawson, † Callixylon Beck, † Eddya Beck, † Siderella Read, † Svalbardia Høeg


† Class B. Noeggerathiopsida Krysht.

† Order a. Noeggerathiales Darrah

† Family 1. Noeggerathiaceae Göpp ex C.E. von Eichwald

Archaeonoeggerathia R. Remy et W. Remy, † Noeggerathia Sternb., † Noeggerathiaestrobus O. Feistmantel

† Order b. Discinitales Doweld

† Family 1. Discinitaceae Gao Zhifeng et B.A. Thomas

Discinites Feistmantel, † Yuania Sze emend. Du et Zhu, † Palaeopteridium R. Kidston, † Saaropteris M. Hirmer

† Order c. Tingiales Zimmerm

† Family 1. Tingiaceae G. Koidzumi

Tingia T.G. Halle, † Tingiostachys Gao Zhifeng et B.A. Thomas


† Division X. Pteridospermatophyta Meyen

† Class A. Moresnetiopsida Doweld

† Order a. Moresnetiales Doweld

† Family 1. Moresnetiaceae Němejc (incl. † Genomospermaceae A.G. Long, † Elkinsiaceae Rothwell, S. Scheckler et Gillespie ex Cleal)

Aglosperma Hilton et Edwards, † Elkinsia Rothwell, S. Scheckler et Gillespie ex Cleal, † Genomosperma A.G. Long, † Kerryia G. W. Rothwell et D.C. Wight, † Moresnetia F. Stockmans, † Ruxtonia J. Galtier, R. Feist, J.A. Talent et B. Meyer-Berthaud, † Serpentocarpus Naygolnykh

† Family 2. Eurystomataceae A.G. Long

Dolichosperma A.G. Long, † Eurystoma A.G. Long, † Lyrasperma A.G. Long, † Tantallosperma P.D. W. Barnard et A.G. Long

† Family 3. Eospermataceae A.G. Long.

Camptosperma A.G. Long, † Deltasperma A.G. Long, † Eccroustosperma A.G. Long, † Eosperma Barnard

† Order b. Pullarithecales Doweld

† Family 1. Pullarithecaceae Doweld

Pullaritheca G.W. Rothwell et D.C. Wight

† Family 2. Calathiopsidaceae Doweld

Calathiops Göppert, † Nudospermopteris Doweld

† Family 3. Austrocalyxaceae J.C. Vega et S. Archangelsky

Austrocalyx J.C. Vega et S. Archangelsky, † Jejenia J.C. Vega et S. Archangelsky, † Polycalyx J.C. Vega et S. Archangelsky, † Rinconadia J.C. Vega

† Family 4. Gnetopsidaceae Doweld.

Gnetopsis B. Renault et R. Zeiller

† Order с. Tetrastichiales Němejc

† Family 1. Tetrastichiaceae Němejc.

Tetrastichia W.T. Gordon

† Order d. Calamopityales Němejc

† Family 1. Calamopityaceae Scott

Bostonia W.E. Stein et C.B. Beck, † Buteoxylon P.D.W. Barnard et A.G. Long, † Galtiera C.B. Beck et W.E. Stein, † Kalymma Unger in R. Richter et Unger, † Stenomyelon Kidston in D.H. Scott


† Class B. Lyginopteridopsida Novák

† Order a. Lyginopteridales V. Havleva ( † Lagenostomatales Seward ex A.G. Long)

† Family 1. Physostomataceae A.G. Long

Physostoma Williamson

† Family 2. Lyginopteridaceae Bessey ( † Lagenostomataceae A.G. Long)

Lagenospermopteris Doweld (Eusphenopteris W. Gothan ex E. Simson-Scharold), † Lyginodendron Gourlie, † Lyginopteris H. Potonié, † Megaloxylon A.C. Seward, † Pitys Agassiz, † Pseudopecopteris Lesquereux, † Rhetinangium Gordon, † Sphenopteris (A.T. Brongniart) Sternberg

† Order b. Callistophytales Rothwell

† Family 1. Callistophytaceae Steed et J.W. Hall

Callistophyton Delevoryas et Morgan, † Callospermarion D.A. Eggert et Delevoryas, † Dicksonites Schlotheim ex Sternberg, † Idanothekion M.A. Millay et D.A. Eggert, † Mariopteris R. Zeiller, † Vesicaspora M.P. Schemel

† Family 2. Cornucarpaceae Doweld

Cornucarpus E.A.N. Arber, † Eremopteris W.P. Schimper

† Order c. Hexapterospermales Doweld

† Family 1. Hexapterospermaceae Doweld

Hexapterospermum Brongn., † Potoniea Zeiller

† Family 2. Colpospermaceae Doweld

Colpospemum B. Renault


† Class C. Pachytestopsida Doweld

† Order a. Codonospermales Doweld

† Family 1. Codonospermaceae Doweld

Codonospermum Brongn.

† Order b. Pachytestales Doweld

† Family 1. Polylophospermaceae Doweld

Polylophospermum Brongn.

† Family 2. Pachytestaceae Doweld

Alethopteris Sternberg, † Callipteris Brongn. in Orbigny, † Cyclopteris Brongn., † Medullosa B. Cotta, † Neuropteris (Brongn.) Sternberg, † Odontopteris (Brongn.) Sternberg, † Pachytesta Brongn., † Protoblechnum L. Lesquereux, † Whittleseya Newberry

† Family 3. Stephanospermaceae Doweld

Stephanospermum Brongn.


† Class D. Phasmatocycadopsida Doweld

† Order a. Gigantopteridales Li et Yang

† Family 1. Emplectopteridaceae R.H. Wagner

Emplectopteris T.G. Halle, † Gigantogramme Doweld, † Gigantocladus Doweld, † Gigantonoclea G. Koidzumi, † Hallea J.-F. Leroy

† Family 2. Spermopteridaceae Doweld

Spermopteris A.A. Cridland et J.E. Morris

† Family 3. Gigantopteridaceae Koidzumi

Aculeovinea H. Li et D.W. Taylor, † Cardioglossum G. Koidzumi, † Cathaysiopteris G. Koidzumi, † Evolsonia S.H. Mamay, † Gigantonomia X. Li et Z. Yao, † Gigantopteris Schenk in F. von Richthofen, † Jiaochengia Z.-Q. Wang, † Vasovinea H.Q. Li et D.W. Taylor, † Zeilleropteris G. Koidzumi

† Order b. Phasmatocycadales Doweld

† Family 1. Phasmatocycadaceae Doweld

Phasmatocycas S.H. Mamay


† Class E. Peltaspermopsida Doweld

† Order a. Trichopytiales Doweld

† Family 1. Trichopytiaceae Doweld

Trichopytis Saporta

† Family 2. Psygmophyllaceae Zalessky emend. Naugolnykh

Psygmophyllum Schimper emend. Saporta, † Psygmophyllodendron Naugolnykh

† Order b. Peltaspermales Taylor

† Family 1. Autuniaceae Doweld

Autunia Krasser

† Family 2. Peltaspermaceae Pilg. et Melchior

Antevsia Harris, † Callipterianthus Roselt, † Compsopteris Zalessky, † Cycadopteris Schimper, † Kirjamkenia V.D. Prynada, † Lepidopteris Schimper, † Peltaspermum T.M. Harris, † Pterispermostrobus Stopes, † Scytophyllum Bornemann, † Stiphorus Meyen, † Tatarina Meyen, † Thinnfeldia C. von Ettingshausen, † Vittaephyllum Dobruskina

† Order c. Sporophyllitales Doweld

† Family 1. Sporophyllitaceae Doweld

Sporophyllites Fefilova

† Family 2. Leuthardtiaceae Doweld

Leuthardtia Kraüsel et Schaarschmidt

† Order d. Umkomasiales Doweld

† Family 1. Umkomasiaceae Petriella ( † Corystospermaceae Stockey et Rothwell)

Komlopteris M. Barbacka, † Pachypteris Brongn., † Pteruchus H.H. Thomas, † Sylvocarpus Naugolnykh, † Zuberia J. Frenguelli

† Family 2. Angaropeltidaceae Doweld

Angaropeltis Doweld


† Class F. Arberiopsida Doweld

† Order a. Dicranophyllales Archangelsky et Cúneo

† Family 1. Dicranophyllaceae Archangelsky et Cúneo

Dicranophyllum Grand’Eury

† Order b. Arberiales S.V. Meyen

† Family 1. Arberiaceae Rigby

Arberia D. White

† Family 2. Schmeissneriaceae Zhiyan Zhou

Schmeissneria Kirchner et Van Konijnenburg-Van Cittert


† Class G.Dyctiopteridiopsida Doweld

† Order a. Dictyopteridiales McLoughlin ex Doweld

† Family 1. Dictyopteridiaceae Rigby (incl. † Ottokariaceae Rigby)

Dictyopteridium Feistmantel ex Zeiller emend. McLoughlin, † Jambadostrobus Chandra et Surange, † Ottokaria R. Zeiller, † Plumsteadia Rigby emend Rigby, † Scutum Plumstead

† Family 2. Breyteniaceae Doweld

Breytenia R. Melville

† Order b. Rigbyales Doweld

† Family 1. Rigbyaceae J.M. Anderson et H.M. Anderson (incl. † Glossopteridaceae Trapl)

Glossopteris Brongniart, † Nogoa McLoughlin (Cometia McLoughlin)

† Order c. Lidgettoniales Doweld

† Family 1. Lidgettoniaceae J.M. Anderson et H.M. Anderson

Lidgettonia H.H. Thomas

† Family 2. Parthaceae Doweld

Partha Surange et Chandra

† Family 3. Denkaniaceae Doweld

Denkania Surange et Chandra


† Class H. Pentoxylopsida D.D. Pant ex Doweld

† Order a. Pentoxylales Pilg. et Melchior

† Family 1. Pentoxylaceae Pilg. et Melchior

Pentoxylon B. P. Srivastava


† Class I. Caytoniopsida H.H. Thomas ex Frenguelli

† Order a. Caytoniales Gothan in Handwört

† Family 1. Caytoniaceae Kräusel

Amphorispermum T.M. Harris, † Caytonia H.H. Thomas (incl. † Gristhorpia H.H. Thomas), † Caytonanthus T.M. Harris (Antholithus Brongn.), † Sagenopteris K.B. Presl in Sternberg, † Scoresbya T.M. Harris


Division XI. Cycadophyta Bessey

Class A. Cycadopsida Brong

Subclass A1. Cycadidae Pax

Order a. Cycadales Pers. ex Bercht. et J. Presl

† Family 1. Crossozamiaceae Doweld

Crossozamia Pomel., † Taeniopteris Brongn., † Tianbaolinia G. Zhifeng et B.A. Thomas, † Yuania Sze emend. Du et Zhu

Family 2. Cycadaceae Pers.

Cycas L., † Menucoa Petriella

Subclass A2. Zamiidae Doweld

† Order b. Nilsoniales Darrah

† Family 1. Nilsoniaceae Zimmerm.

Androstrobus Schimper, † Beania Carruthers, † Cycadoxylon B. Renault, † Dirhopalostachys Krassilov, † Nilsonia Brongn., † Nilssoniocladus Kimura et Sekido

Order c. Zamiales Burnett (incl. Dioales Doweld)

Family 1. Zamiaceae Horan. (incl. Boweniaceae D.W. Stewenson, Encephalartaceae A. Schenk, Dioaceae Doweld, Stangeriaceae A. Schenk)

Bowenia Hook. f., Ceratozamia Brongn., Dioon Lindl., Encephalartos Lehm., Lepidozamia Regel, Macrozamia Miq., Microcycas (Miq.) DC. Stangeria T. Moore, Zamia L.


† Class B. Cycadeoideopsida Scott ( † Bennettitopsida Engler)

† Order a. Cycadeoideales Berry ( † Bennettitales J.H. Schaffn.)

† Family 1. Westersheimiaceae Němejc

Westersheimia F. Krasser

† Family 2. Sturianthaceae Doweld ( † Sturiellaceae Němejc)

Sturianthus Kräusel

† Family 3. Williamsoniaceae (Carruthers) Nathorst

Cycadocephalus Nathorst, † Fredlindia Anderson et Anderson, † Ischnophyton T. Delevoryas et R.C. Hope, † Weltrichia C.F.W. Braun, † Williamsonia Davis

† Family 4. Cycadeoideaceae R. Br. ex G.R. Wieland ( † Bennettitaceae Potonié)

Bennetticarpus Harris, † Bennettistemon Harris, † Bucklandia Brongn., † Cycadeoidea W. Buckland ex Lindley et W. Hutton, † Cycadeospermum Saporta, † Cycadolepis Saporta, † Monanthesia Wieland ex Delevoryas, † Sphenozamites (Brongn.) Miq. (Apoldia Wesley)

† Family 5. † Williamsoniellaceae Nakai

Wielandella Novák, † Williamsoniella H.H. Thomas


Division XII. Ginkgophyta Bessey

Class A. Ginkgoopsida Engler

† Order a. Karkeniales Doweld

† Family 1. Karkeniaсeae Krassilov ( † Sphenobaieraceae X. Yang)

Arctobaiera R. Florin, † Baiera C.F.W. Braun, † Baieroxylon Greguss, † Karkenia Archangelsky, † Sphenobaiera R. Florin, † Sphenobaieroanthus X. Yang, † Sphenobaierocladus X. Yang

† Family 2. Yimaiaceae Z. Zhou

Yimaia Zhou et Zhang

† Order b. Umaltolepidiales Doweld

† Family 1. Umaltolepidiaceae F. Stanislawski emend Z. Zhou (incl. † Toretziaceae F. Stanislawski)

Pseudotorellia Florin, † Toretzia Stanislavsky, † Umaltolepis Krassilov

Order c. Ginkgoales Goroshankin

Family 1. Ginkgoaceae Engler

Cheirophyllum Pant et Singh, † Chiropteris J.G. Kurr in H.G. Bronn, Ginkgo L., † Ginkgoites A.C. Seward, † Ginkgoïdium Frenguelli, † Ginkgophytopsis O.A. Høeg in E. Boureau, † Ginkgopitys Gnaedinger, † Kerpia S.V. Naugolnykh, † Phoeniopsis Heer, † Pityophyllum (A.G. Nathorst) A.C. Seward, † Polyspermophyllum S. Archangelsky et R. Cúneo


Division XIII. Gnetophyta Bessey

Class A. Gnetopsida Eichler ex Kirpotenko

Order a. Gnetales Luerss.

Family 1. Gnetaceae Blume

Archaestrobilus Cornet, † Chaoyangia Duan, † Dechellyia S.R. Ash, † Dinophyton S.R. Ash, † Eragrosites Cao et Wu, Gnetum L., † Gurvanella Krassilov, † Nataligma J.M. Anderson et H.M. Anderson, † Palaeognetaleana Z.Q. Wang, † Sanmiguelia R.W. Brown

Order b. Ephedrales Dumort.

Family 1. Ephedraceae Dumort.

Alloephedra Tao et Yang, † Amphiephedra Miki, Ephedra L., † Beipiaoa Dilcher et al. in Sun et al., † Eoantha Krassilov, † Ephedrispermum Rydin et al., † Ephedrites Göppert et Berendt in Berendt, † Erenia Krassilov, † Chengia Y. Yang, L. Lin, Q. Wang, † Drewria Crane et Upchurch, † Leongathia Krassilov et al., † Liaoxia Cao et S.Q. Wu, † Siphonospermum Rydin et Friis

Order c. Welwitschiales Reveal

Family 1. Welwitschiaceae Caruel

Welwitschia Hook. f., † Welwitschiella Dilcher et al., † Welwitschiophyllum Dilcher et al., † Welwitschiostrobus Dilcher et al.


Division XIV. Pinophyta Reveal

Class A. Pinopsida Burnett

† Order a. Cordaitales Scott.

† Family 1. Cordaitaceae Grand’Eury

Cordaites Unger, † Cardiocarpus Brongn., † Cordaicarpus A.C. Seward, † Samaropsis Göppert

† Order b. Voltziales Andreánszky

† Family 1. Utrechtiaceae Rothwell et G. Mapes (incl. † Carpentieraceae Zimmerm., † Lebachiaceae R. Florin, † Walchiaceae (Göpp.) Stur)

Carpentiera Nemejc et Augusta, † Czatkalostrobus L.I. Savizkaja in T.A. Sixtel, L.I. Savizkaja et T.A. Iskandarchodjaev, † Culmitzschia H. Ullrich, † Ernestiodendron R. Florin, † Lebachia R. Florin, † Moyliostrobus C.N. Miller et J.T. Brown, † Ortiseia R. Florin, † Utrechtia G.W. Rothwell et G. Mapes, † Walchia Sternberg, † Walchianthus Florin, † Walchiostrobus Florin

† Family 2. Thucydiaceae Hernandez-Castillo, Rothwell et G. Mapes

Thucydia Hernandez-Castillo, Rothwell et G. Mapes

† Family 3. Emporiaceae Rothwell et G. Mapes ( † Otoviciaceae Doweld)

Emporia G. Mapes et G. W. Rothwell, † Otovicia J.H.F. Kerp et al.

† Family 4. Majonicaceae Clement-Westerhof

Dolomitia J.A. Clement-Westerhof, † Lebowskia C.V. Looy, † Majonica J.A. Clement-Westerhof, † Pseudovoltzia R. Florin

† Family 5. Ullmanniaceae Němejc

Ullmannia H.R. Göppert

† Family 6. Voltziaceae Arnold (incl. † Swedenborgiaceae Zimmerm.)

Aethophyllum Brongn. emend. Grauvogel-Stamm, † Swedenborgia A.G. Nathorst, † Voltzia Brongn.

† Family 7. Bartheliaceae Rothwel et G. Mapes

Barthelia Oloriz et Schairer

† Family 8. Ferugliocladaceae S. Archang. et Cúneo

Eucerospermum Feruglio, † Ferugliocladus S. Archangelsky et R. Cúneo, † Paranocladus Florin, † Ugartecladus S. Archangelsky et R. Cúneo

† Family 9. Buriadiaceae T.N. Taylor et E.N. Taylor (incl. † Palissyaceae Florin)

Buriadia A.C. Seward et B. Sahni, † Coricladus A. Jasper et al., † Hanskerpia Rothwell, Mapes et Hernandez-Castillo, † Metridiostrobus T. Delevoryas et R.C. Hope, † Palissya Baill., † Paraburiadia V.G. Zimina, † Stachyotaxus A.G. Nathorst

† Order c. Vojnovskyales M.F. Neuburg ex Emberger

† Family 1. Vojnovskyaceae Neuburg

Bardocarpus Zalessky, † Czatkalia T.A. Sixtel in T.A. Sixtel et al., † Gaussia Neuburg, † Guzania L.I. Savizkaja et T.A. Sixtel in T.A. Sixtel et al., † Krylovia Schischkin, † Kuznetskia S.G. Gorelova et S.V. Meyen in S.V. Meyen, † Pechorostrobus S.V. Meyen, † Pholidophyllum Zalessky, † Scirostrobus A.B. Doweld et S.V. Naugolnykh, † Sylvella Zalessky, † Vojnovskya M.F. Neuburg

† Family 2. Rufloriaceae Ledrán ex S.V. Meyen

Pukhontella I.A. Ignatiev, † Rufloria Meyen, † Suchoviella I.A. Ignatiev et S.V. Meyen

† Order d. Czekanowskiales Krassilov (incl. † Leptostrobales S.V. Meyen, † Iraniales H.-J. Schweitzer)

† Family 1. Czekanowskiaceae Samylina (incl. † Leptostrobaceae S.V. Meyen, † Schweitzeriaceae Shipunoy et D.D. Sokoloff ( † Iraniaceae H.-J. Schweitzer))

Culgoweria Florin, † Czekanowskia O. Heer (incl. † Harrisiella China et Miller), † Desmiophyllum Lesquereux, † Schweitzeria Shipunov et D.D. Sokoloff (Irania H.-J. Schweitzer), † Ixostrobus Raciborski, † Leptostrobus Heer, † Phoenicopsis O. Heer, † Solenites Gesner, † Sphenarion T.M. Harris et J. Miller in T.M. Harris, W. Millington et J. Miller, † Tianshia Z. Zhou et Zhang, † Vachrameevia O. Heer, † Windwardia Florin

Order e. Pinales Gorozh.

Family 1. Pinaceae Spreng. ex F. Rudolphi

Subfamily 1a. Pinoideae Link

Compsostrobus T. Delevoryas et R.C. Hope, † Obirastrobus T. Ohsawa, M. Nishida et H. Nishida, Pinus L., † Pinuxylon W. Gothan, † Pityostrobus Nathorst ex C.P. Dutt, † Prepinus E.C. Jeffrey, † Strobus Opiz

Subfamily 1b. Piceoideae Frankis

Picea A. Dietr.

Subfamily 1b. Laricoideae (Rendle) Pilger et Melchior

Cathaya Chun et Kuang, Larix Mill., Pseudotsuga Carr.

Subfamily 1c. Abietoideae Lindl. emend Pilger et Melchior

Abies Mill., † Abiocaulis Suzuki, † Cedroxylon G. Kraus in W.P. Schimper, Cedrus Trew, Keteleeria Carr., Nothotsuga Hu ex C.N.Page, Pseudolarix Gordon, Tsuga (Endl.) Carr., † Tsugaepollenites R. Potonié et H. Venitz ex R. Potonié

Order f. Araucariales Gorozh.

Family 1. Araucariaceae Henkel et W. Hochst. (incl. Hirmeirellaceae T.M. Harris)

Alkastrobus Del Fueyo et S. Archangelsky, Agathis Salisb., † Agathoxylon Hartig, Araucaria Juss., † Araucariacites I.C. Cookson ex R.A. Couper, † Araucarites Endlicher, † Araucarioxylon Kraus in W.P. Schimper, † Balmeiopsis S. Archangelsky, † Brachyphyllum Brongn., † Cheirolepidium Takhtajan ex S.J. Dijkstra, † Cyclusphaera W.C. Elsik, † Dadoxylon Endlicher, † Doliostrobus A.-F. Marion, † Hirmeriella L. Hörhammer, † Pagiophyllum O. Heer, † Protodammara Hollick et Jeffrey, † Pseudoaraucaria Alvin, † Wairarapaia Cantrill et Raine, Wollemia W.G. Jones, † Yezonia M. Stopes et Fujii

Family 2. Podocarpaceae Endl. (incl. Phyllocladaceae Bessey)

Acmopyle Pilg., Afrocarpus (Buchanan-Hamilton et N.E. Gray) C.N. Page, Dacrycarpus (Endlicher) de Laubenfels, Dacrydium Lamb., † Dicroidium Gothan, † Elatocladus T.G. Halle, Falcatifolium de Laub., Halocarpus C.J. Quinn, † Heidiphyllum Retallack, † Jeffersonioxylon G.M. Del Fueyo et al., Lagarostrobos C.J. Quinn, Lepidothamnus Phil., † Lindleycladus T.M. Harris, Manoao Molloy, † Masculostrobus A.C. Seward, † Mataia J.A. Townrow, † Metapodocarpoxylon M. Dupéron-Laudoueneix et D. Pons, Microcachrys Hook. f., Microstrobos J. Garden et L.A.S. Johnson, † Morenoa Dugés, Nageia Gaertn., † Nothodacrium J.A. Townrow, † Notophytum B. Meyer-Berthaud et T.N. Taylor, † Paraphyllocladoxylon R. Holden, Parasitaxus de Laub., † Phyllocladoxylon W. Gothan, Phyllocladus Rich. ex Mirb., † Podocarpidites I.C. Cookson ex R.A. Couper, † Podocarpoxylon W. Gothan, Podocarpus Persoon, † Podostrobus A.R. Rao et M.N. Bose, † Podozamites C.F.W. Braun, Prumnopitys Phil., Retrophyllum C.N. Page, † Rissikia J.A. Townrow, Saxegothaea Lindl., † Sigmaphyllum R.S. Hill et L.J. Scriven, † Squamastrobus S. Archangelsky et G. del Fueyo, † Smithtonia R.S. Hill et M. Pole, † Stalagma Z. Zhou, Sundacarpus (J.Buchh. et E.G. Gray) C.N. Page, † Taeniasporites Schulz, † Telemachus H.M. Anderson, † Trisacocladus S. Archangelsky, † Willungia R.S. Hill et M. Pole

Order g. Cupressales Link

Family 1. Sciadopityaceae Luerss.

Oswaldheeria Bose et Manum, Sciadopitys Siebold et Zucc., † Sciadopitophyllum D.C. Christophel, † Sciadopityostrobus K. Saiki

Family 2. Cupressaceae Gray

Actinostrobus Miq. in J.G.C. Lehmann, Athrotaxis D. Don, Austrocedrus Florin et Boutelje, Callitris Vent., Calocedrus Kurz, Chamaecyparis Spach, Cryptomeria D. Don, Cunninghamia R.Br. in L.C.M. Richard, † Cunninghamites K.B. Presl in Sternberg, † Cunninghamiostrobus M. Stopes et Fujii, Cupressus L., † Cupressinoxylon Göppert, Diselma Hook. f., Fitzroya Hook. f. ex Lindl., Fokienia A. Henry et H.H. Thomas, Glyptostrobus Endl., † Hellia Unger ( † Libocedrites Endlicher), Juniperus L., † Juniperoxylon C. Houlbert in P. Lecointre, Libocedrus Endl., † Libocedroxylon P. Greguss, † Margeriella V.M. Page, † Mesocyparis E.E. McIver et J.F. Basinger, Metasequoia Hu et W.C. Cheng, Microbiota Komarov, Neocallitropsis Florin, Papuacedrus H.L. Li, † Pararaucaria Wieland, Pilgerodendron Florin, Platycladus Spach, Sequoia Endl., Sequoiadendron J. Buchholz, Taiwania Hayata, Taxodium Rich., † Taxodioxylon Hartig, Tetraclinis Masters, † Tetraclinoxylon L. Grambast, Thuja L., Thujopsis Siebold et Zucc. ex Endl., † Thujoxylon Unger, Widdringtonia Endl., † Widdringtonioxylon P. Greguss, † Widdringtonites Endlicher

Family 3. Taxaceae Gray (incl. Cephalotaxaceae)

Amentotaxus Pilger, Austrotaxus Compton, † Cephalotaxites O. Heer, † Cephalotaxospermum E.W. Berry, Cephalotaxus Siebold et Zucc. ex Endl., † Diploporus Manchester, † Marskea R. Florin, † Palaeotaxus Nathorst, † Poteridion T.M. Harris, Pseudotaxus W.C. Cheng, Taxus L., † Taxaceoxylon R. Kräusel et K.P. Jain, † Sommerxylon Pires et Guerra-Sommer, Torreya Arnott, † Thomasiocladus R. Florin, † Tomharrisia R. Florin, † Vesquia Bertrand


Division XV. Magnoliophyta Cronq., Takht. et Zimerm. ex Reveal

Class A. Magnoliopsida Brongn

[Subclass A1. Magnoliidae Novák ex Takht.]




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